How to gather data collect on VNXe






Gathering data collect on  VNXe




There are two ways of gathering data collect.

Collecting from Unisphere GUI (Recommended Method):

1) Log in to the Unisphere GUI with admin credentials.
2) Click on Settings and then on Service system.
3) Enter service password.
4) Under "System Components" highlight "Storage System".
5) Select "Collect Service Information " under "Service Actions."
6) Click "Execute service action."
7) This message is displayed: "The service data has previously been collected and is available for download.  Do you want to download this existing service data or start a new process to collect new service data? Click Yes to download the existing service data file or No to start a new collection of service data."
8) Select Yes or No as appropriate to your situation.
9) Click Yes to save the files to your hard drive. 



Collecting logs through SSH:


1) Open an SSH tool (like Putty).
2) Connect to VNXe management IP through Putty.
3) Log in as the service user.
4) Run the svc_dc command. It will take couple of minutes to complete.
5) Use third party scp/sftp tools like WinSCP or FileZilla to connect to VNXe management IP (log on as service).
6) Browse to  /EMC/backend/service/data_collection on VNXe.
7) Copy the .tar file to your local desktop (file name looks like - VNXe3100_service_data_APM00113200784_2012-01-11_21_23_26.tar).



For more information, Refer EMC Knowledgebase article 313197