Procedure to gather the dump file from a CLARiiON Storage Processor after a FLARE bugcheck.



CLARiiON Series




The storage processor (SP) logs report the following event: 76008106 The Storage Processor rebooted unexpectedly @ xxxx with BugCheck


The storage processor (SP) logs report the following event: DumpManager 41004100 Created Compressed Dump C:\dumps\


The SP rebooted unexpectedly and the SP logs indicate a bugcheck with a FLARE dump file that was generated and save on the SP.




When the storage processor reboots unexpectedly and creates a FLARE dump file, Support will need to analyze this dump file along with both SPcollects to determine the cause of the reboot.


To remove this dump, log on to Navisphere Manager and perform the following steps: 


  1. Right-click the SP that reports the bugcheck/dump and select the option for 'File Transfer Manager' that will allow you to see all the files saved on the storage processor.
  2. Locate the dump file that will be in the format similar to the following:


    Note: The generated dump will contain the actual date of the reboot within its name.
  3. Move the dump from the SP to the selected directory on your workstation using the File Transfer Manager.


This dump along with both SPcollects can then be uploaded to either the SR via Powerlink or the EMC FTP site as specified in solution

emc115289. Solution emc60493 describes how to  gather SPcollects.



For more information on this, refer primus solution “emc196023”.