What are the best practices for managing storage pool LUNs in VNX and CLARiiON storage arrays?



VNX Series, CLARiiON




Below are the best practices for managing pool LUNs.




The following are the recommended best practices for managing pools:


  1. EMC recommends that you do not change the default owner of the pool LUN once it is provisioned. This can adversely affect performance. It changes the underlying private structures, which provide storage for the pool LUN, which are still controlled by the original SP.
  2. It is a best practice to let the system balance the pool LUNs on both SPs when you create the pool LUNs, which it does by default. If you manually adjust the setting, you must also manually ensure balancing pool LUNs between the SPs.
  3. If you must change the SP ownership after the LUN has been created, LUN migration can be leveraged to migrate the LUN to a new LUN with the desired SP owner.
  4. Consider the metadata overhead before provisioning pool LUNs for your applications, and add additional capacity to compensate for it. For a pool LUN, you can approximately estimate the overhead using the following simple formula.

Metadata Overhead (in GB) = LUN Size (in GB units) * .02 + 3 GB


For more information on this, refer primus solution “emc319437”.