InformationWeek Webcast: Data Protection Management for Enterprises and Service Providers: Faster, Smarter and More Automated

An InformationWeek Webcast:


Data Protection Management for Enterprises and Service Providers:  Faster, Smarter and More Automated


Presenters:  Jason Buffington, ESG, and Tom Giuliano, EMC

Duration: 60 minutes


There isn't an enterprise or service provider out there that isn't struggling to overcome the challenges of exponential data growth, the siloing of protection, and virtualization. Doing so, especially as part of a broader IT-as-a-Service deployment, is key to guarantee service levels and regulatory compliance.


In this Webcast, we will explore the many challenges associated with multi-platform data protection environments and discuss how enterprise IT and service providers can gain the visibility and insight needed to reduce operational expenses and improve protection confidence. One part of a larger strategy: Taking a holistic approach to monitoring across multiple backup applications and infrastructure components using EMC's Data Protection Advisor 6, which addresses these challenges and delivers faster, smarter and even more automated data protection management. Data Protection Advisor provides unified, end-to-end views, real-time cross-domain event correlation analysis, and self-service protection verification


Join us for this session to learn how Data Protection Advisor provides confidence and proof that mission-critical applications are protected. You will also learn:


  • How a holistic view can help IT understand what's working - and what's not
  • Where the most common inefficiencies and bottlenecks lie
  • About the best ways to verify and demonstrate proof-of-compliance to internal stakeholders and regulatory agencies
  • Why monitoring, alerting, and reporting can help save time, ease troubleshooting, and help IT identify and mitigate data protection risks
  • Why service-level monitoring of data protection is the best option for many organizations