How to register host HBA initiators manually in a VNX array?



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How to register host HBA initiators manually in a VNX array?




Use the following steps to register host HBA initiators manually: 

1. Log in to the Unisphere.

2. Select the desire array from the Unisphere dashboard.
3. Select Hosts > Initiators.
4. In the Initiators view, select the HBA or multiple HBAs you want to register.

Note: If Host Agent or Unisphere Server Utility is not installed on the host, and if zoning and cabling is properly done, we see the initiator Logged in as “Yes” and Registered as “No”.

5. Click Register to open the Create Initiator Record dialog box.
6. Verify that WWN/IQN and SP Port ID are correct.
7. In Initiator Type, select a supported initiator type from the list or enter the type for a supported initiator. (For more information, refer solution emc99467)
8. In Failover Mode, select the correct failover value. (For the correct failover values, refer solution emc99467)
9. In Host Agent Information, do one of the following:

    • If this HBA belongs to an existing host, select Existing Host, click Browse Host, and then from the list, select the host in which the HBA resides.
    • If this HBA belongs to a new host, select New Host, and then enter the name and IP address for the host.
    • Choose Selected Host.


10. Enable or disable ArrayCommPath. (For more information, refer  solution emc99467)
11. In Unit Serial Number, select the correct value - Array or LUN.  (For more information, refer solution emc99467)
12. Click OK to register the HBA, and return to the Initiators view.  

The Registered status of the selected HBAs changes from No to Yes



EMC strongly recommends that you use the Host Agent or Unisphere Server Utility to register any unregistered hosts.

If you exceed the maximum number of initiators per SP port, Unisphere displays a message that describes the problem. An initiator is a single HBA port or the port of another storage system.

The Create Initiator Record dialog lets you register a new or unregistered HBA with the SP port to which it is connected. When you register a HBA, the record for each HBA initiator is added to the storage system's initiator table, and the agent recognizes the HBA. When all HBAs belonging to a host are registered, the host can be connected to and disconnected from storage groups.

For supported storage systems, different host failover software (for example, PowerPath) requires different settings for certain values. You can find the values for your specific failover software type in solution emc99467, available in the EMC Online Support website.


  • Initiator Type. Used for specific host OS configurations. Select CLARiiON/VNX unless instructed otherwise.
  • ArrayCommPath. Enables or disables a communication path from the host to the storage system.
  • Failover Mode. Sets the behavior options based on the failover software installed on the host (valid values are 0, 1, 2, 3, or 4). 


For more information refer to Primus” emc316335 “.