CLARiiON CX4 series Power Calculator.



CLARiiON Series




Purpose of CLARiiON Power Calculator is described below.




The EMC Power Calculator is an online utility that calculates power consumption and cooling requirements for specific configurations of current EMC storage platforms, and many previous generations as well. Users can derive an accurate prediction of AC power and cooling use for a given configuration as well as a variety of other environmental factors, including weight, floor space and sound levels. The power calculations range from typical to maximum consumption and include a recharge power value that represents the time when the batteries are re-charging. A comparison report is available that allows the user to compare two sites or scenarios to model consolidations, upgrades and various RAID levels.

The EMC Power Calculator tries to enforce valid configurations, but should not be relied on for final approval of configurations.

EMC users should contact TCE Pre-Sales Support at, or call 866-EMC-7777 in the US, and 508-435-1000 ext 54777 in other world areas.

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For more information on this, refer primus solution “emc221062”.