How to troubleshoot error 'Connection Refused'?





Common NetWorker connection related error are,

  • Error: Connection refused
  • Error: 'nsrexecd on (client_name) is unavailable. Using rsh instead'
  • Error: 'Cannot receive reply to broadcast: Connection reset by peer'
  • Error: client_name :SYSTEM FILES:\ save: RPC warning: RPC cannot make a procedure call: Create failed: Remote system error - Connection refused
  • Error: '(client_name):(save_set) Connection refused'


Connection Refused errors can occur for multiple reasons and may be indicative of multiple issues that need to be addressed. In order to provide the most accurate fix, review each of the following resolutions as one or more may apply to the environment:


  1. Use rpcinfo from the NetWorker server to ensure the client ports are listening on the client machine, i.e., rpcinfo -p (client_name)
  2. On the client machine, ensure that nsrexecd process is available.
  3. Update the client's /nsr/res/servers (UNIX) or C:\Program Files\Legato\nsr\res\servers (Windows) file with all known aliases for the NetWorker server.
  4. Use hosts files for name resolution in order to validate connectivity (Include reverse name lookup).
  5. Restart the operating system for the failing client.
  6. Reinstall the NetWorker client software on the client machine.


Refer to KB article esg66198 for more information