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CLARiiON Series, VNX Series




Navisphere host agent not registering correctly.

Hosts show as "Unmanaged" in Navisphere.

Some hosts show a "U" in Navisphere Manager GUI.

Host registers with the incorrect host IP address or the incorrect host name.




The Navisphere Host Agent is use to register a host to a CLARiiON array. Normally this is done when setting up a new host. The Navisphere Host Agent is shipped with each Array on the SUPPORT CD. When connecting a new host to a CLARiiON array for the first time, host registration will take place if the Navisphere Host Agent is installed and running. Without the Navisphere Host Agent running, only WWN registration will take place down the Fibre Channel connection (called “in-band”). Full host registration (host name, IP address and other information) requires the use of an IP connection between the host and the array (called “out-of-band”).  

There are two utilities for registering a host to the CLARiiON:  

1.     Navisphere Server Utility for arrays running flare version 29 and earlier and the new Unisphere Server Utility for Release 30.

2.     Navisphere Host Agent  

Home > Support > Software Downloads and Licensing > Downloads J-O > Navisphere Server Software

Home > Support > Software Downloads and Licensing > Downloads T-Z > Unisphere Server Software  

The documentation for these programs is called “CX3 and CX Series Server Support Products” and can be found on Powerlink at:  

Home > Support > Technical Documentation and Advisories > Host Connectivity/HBAs > Installation/Configuration  


There are a number of different places to find documentation for setting up and configuring the Navisphere Host Agent. The "Host Connectivity Guides" for each operating system are available on Powerlink. These provide the steps needed to setup a host to use Navisphere Host Agent. Note that Navisphere Host Agent is not supported on TRU64, OpenVMS, and ESX 4.x. In addition, the Release notes for EMC Navisphere Manager contain the release notes for Agent. Please review all documentation prior to installing and setting up Agent. 

Host Connectivity Guide:

Home > Support > Technical Documentation and Advisories > Host Connectivity/HBAs > Installation/Configuration

Support By Product:


Customized Documentation - useful for creating a Procedure - for CX4-Series - for CX3-Series and CX_Series - for AX4-5


Below are the current solutions for Navisphere Host Agent - some of these may be for older releases. Please check the solution for the version, if available.


Problems with Agent and host registration can be broken down to three areas:


  1. 1.        Connectivity issues – the IP connection between the host and the array – this is the most common problem. Agent uses TCP port 6389 - make sure this is not blocked by firewalls. Make sure you can ping from the host to the array and from the array to the host to check for routing issues.
  2. 2.        Installation issues – is the correct version of Agent installed and running - make sure that the latest version of Agent is installed. If using the Microsoft iSCSI Initiator, you should have PowerPath installed before you connect the host initiators (NIC's) to the array. In the Log On session in the Targets tab, the "Log on to Target" screen has two check boxes - one for persistent connections (restore on reboot) that the other to "Enable Multi-path". Do not check this box unless you have installed PowerPath first (or other multi-path software), otherwise the initiators will not register with the array. See emc149771 for issues with paths not connecting to correct Storage Group.
  3. 3.        Code issues – is there a code issue with Agent - this is not common


Navisphere Server Utility


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Best Practices and general configuration information


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VMware ESX


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Sun Solaris


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For more information on this, refer primus solution “emc254967”.