DPA Trial Frequently Asked Questions

Question:    Where can I download Data Protection Advisor?

Answer:            You can download Data Protection Advisor from EMC.com/DPA.

Question:    What versions of Data Protection Advisor can I download?

Answer:            The most recent release of Data Protection Advisor 6 is available for trial download.


Question:     How can I request a trial license key?

Answer:           Trial license keys for 60 days are automatically enabled at time of software installation.

Question:     When does the trial license expire?

Answer:            The trial license expires 60 days after implementation.


Question:     When the trial license expires, can I continue running the software?

Answer:            No. The software will no longer be licensed to operate. Data Protection Advisor will continue to collect data from your data protection environment, but you will not be able to monitor processes, run reports etc until a permanent license key is entered.  If you want to continue access to the Data Protection Advisor functionality please call your EMC sales representative to purchase full licenses.


Question:     I purchased more license entitlements than needed due to consolidation; can I return my unused licenses for a refund or credit?

Answer:            No.  Unused licenses do not qualify for a credit or refund. Please contact your EMC sales representative if you have any further questions.


Question:     Why do I need a maintenance agreement for Data Protection Advisor?

Answer:            An EMC maintenance agreement qualifies you for product updates and upgrades at no-charge.


Question:     I have not purchased DPA but am interested in starting or am currently in a trial period and have support questions; who should I contact?

Answer:            You can post your pre-purchase questions in the Data Protection Advisor Community.  A team of subject matter experts will respond to your inquiry.


Question:     I purchased Data Protection Advisor through an EMC partner and I am experiencing issues; who should I contact?

Answer:            Please contact EMC Customer Support at support@emc.com.


Question:     I installed the trial license longtime ago (e.g. over 60-days ago) but never got around to using Data Protection Advisor until now. Do I now need to request a new trial license?

Answer:            Yes.  Please contact your EMC Account Representative or send an email to DPATrialLicense@EMC.com


Question:     What documentation do I need to get started?

Answer:            Installation and administration guides for Data Protection Advisor are available at the Data Protection Advisor Support Page.  Alternatively, they can be found at EMC.com documentation search.


Question:     What is the quickest way for me to become productive with Data Protection Advisor?

Answer:            View the Data Protection Advisor installation and configuration videos.