Customer Testimonials - EMC Data Protection Advisor 6

Stan Horwitz,  Data Protection Engineer, Temple University      

“We’ve been using EMC Data Protection Advisor for several years now, and there are distinct improvements to the new DPA 6.0, which I would characterize as a quantum leap forward for the product. The first is a markedly easier installation and configuration process, which I completed myself in about five minutes….

The new DPA 6.0 dashboards are customizable and provide a straightforward, yet complete view into our entire backup environment, and help summarize the rich report content so it’s more easily digested by colleagues and management

We now have enhanced visibility into restore activitywe are immediately alerted to any events and we get predictive analytics for at-risk clients – so we can address issues before they mature into events.  With DPA 6.0 we expect to save even more time and we are more confident that we are achieving our data protection goals.”


Srinivas Pokuri, Data Center Architect, Presidio     


“As a solution provider, we installed EMC’s Data Protection Advisor 6 beta in our lab environment for evaluation of the new product prior to offering it to our customers, and found it to be a very stable build of a much enhanced product.  Specific improvements include a new user interface that’s easy to navigate, and provides a very complete real-time view of the entire data protection topology.  DPA 6 is effective and vital in multi-vendor backup and recovery environments, and it quickly and automatically identifies and alerts users to any unprotected data or virtual machine movements that may have transpired without the user’s knowledge.   We also found DPA’s replication analysis capabilities to be particularly effective in monitoring and identifying replication gaps.  DPA will enhance even the most solidly architected environments, as visibility and monitoring are key aspects of effectively managing today’s high speed data protection infrastructures.”