DECN QuickStart Guides - Table of Contents

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Quick Tour

Quick look at the different navigation items and where to find items within the new Dell EMC Community Network.

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Navigation: Overview

The Overview highlights what's important across the community. This guide will show you a snapshot of the navigation and where to find things.

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Activity streams show you real-time updates of activity as people interact with content, people, and places in the community. You can see all public activity in the Activity Stream, or create your own custom streams that show only the people, places, and content items you select. This guide will step you through the following:

  • Connection Stream
  • Updating your Status
  • Creating a Stream
  • Adding to a Stream
  • Edit a Stream

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Inbox shows replies, @mentions, messages, Latest Acclaim and shares--plus any activity you decide needs tracking closely. Your Inbox shows the activity that's most you-centric--the information that's sent directly to you and has your name on it.  This guide will step you through what to expect and how to change some of your settings.

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Actions show you information that's explicitly related to what you might need to get done. This guide will show you where these items are located.

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Find a Community

Search for the communities you are interested in; sort by Categories, Products or Use the Highlighted Communities.

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This guide will step through what to expect in the different areas of the Explore Main Navigation tab.

  • Content
  • People
  • Places

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Quick look at the Events Main Navigation tab, where you can get to items such as the Live Q&A's and other ECM / DECN events.

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Create various types of content, such as Documents, Blog Posts, etc. This guide will step you through the various pieces.

  • Content Types
  • Interact: @Mentions
  • Interact: Comment, Share, Like
  • Participate: Discussions
  • Tables in Documents
  • Advanced Options

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This guide walks through some important options and how to change your settings.

  • Quick Links
  • Your Items
  • Privacy Settings
  • Email Notifications

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This guide explains some of the ways you can make use of ways to keep track of, and find, everything that's important to you.