DECN QuickStart Videos

The QuickStart videos demonstrate Dell EMC Community Network features, tips and tricks so you can get the most out of the DECN.


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Connecting with Communities


The Dell EMC Community Network (DECN) is a community of communities.

Some are about very general topics, while others a product specific.

  • In this QuickStart video you will learn several ways of locating communities that match your interests
  • The methods include using the Find a Community menu, the Search field, and the Explore Places menu.
  • Once you have located a community, you will learn how to follow it and be notified of new community activity.

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Activity Streams


How do you stay on top of all the information essential to your job. How do you track content you need to see and the people you need to know?

  • This QuickStart video introduces DECN Activity Streams
  • There's an overview that shows stream features, options and tips
  • You will learn how to create custom Attention streams and how to add new items to your streams


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Inbox and Email Notifications


The DECN Inbox shows replies, mentions, messages, Latest Acclaim and shares--plus any activity and content that you decide needs tracking closely.

In this QuickStart video you will learn how to use the DECN Inbox.  Topics include:

  • Inbox overview
  • Following items in your Inbox
  • Email Watches activity stream
  • Tips for viewing and managing your Inbox
  • Setting Email Preferences

More DECN QuickStart videos are coming soon!