Monitoring EMC storage using SCOM 2012 SP1 with ESI Management Packs


EMC Symmetrix VMAX, EMC VNX, EMC Storage Integrator (ESI) for Windows Suite, Microsoft System Center 2012

  • Application to infrastructure management and monitoring
  • Optimized storage for elastic infrastructures
  • Automated storage provisioning


This is an extract from the white paper EMC MANAGEMENT INTEGRATION FOR MICROSOFT PRIVATE CLOUD. The full white paper and solution pack is available at


Monitoring and Reporting...


ESI Management Packs

The following six ESI Management Pack files are provided free of charge to EMC customers:

  • Defines the monitors of storage systems supported by ESI and system components in SCOM.
  • Contains all of the discoveries for all of the storage systems and system components as defined in the library.
  • Contains the monitors, rules, and diagnostics for the storage systems and system components.
  • Presents the storage system and system component folders and views in SCOM.
  • Reports the health and capacity of the storage systems and system components.
  • EMC.SI.Customization.xml: Contains all of the overrides and customizations for your specific storage environment. Import this management pack only during an initial installation. If you import it again, you will lose all of your previous overrides and customizations.


...the ESI Monitoring Management Pack is used to discover EMC storage system components. The discovery and monitoring of these components is through SCOM agents. The monitoring agent retrieves data from the ESI Service by using a RESTful HTTPS connection, which in turn retrieves the data from the storage systems. The monitoring data is inserted into the SCOM database.


Figure1 shows the overall topology of storage systems used in this solution. A capacity alarm was configured to trigger an alert when storage pool utilization went above 90 percent. Storage pool capacity was then exceeded, triggering the alerts as shown in the diagram.



Figure 1. Overall topology view of storage system in SCOM


...for more details read the full white paper h11228-management-integration-cloud-wp.pdf


...for a video showing the integration between ESI Management and SCOM go to: