How  to enable or disable VSS support - Shadow Copy for Shared Folders (SCSF).




Celerra Network Server




VSS, which is a Microsoft feature used with Windows XP and Windows 2003, provides direct access to point in time copies of volumes, with idea of providing restore capability.

Support is enabled by default on the Celerra, but only for Windows XP  Windows 2003 clients running NAS code 5.3 and later.

The Windows service is named Volume Shadow Copy. 

VSS can be used for full, incremental, differential, and copy backups.

VSS uses several components: Requestor, Writer, Provider.

    • The Requestor controls the backup and restore service using API calls to Windows (Legato, NetWorker, Replication Manager, etc).
    • The Writer is an application that can support VSS (such as Exchange 2003, SQL 2005, etc.) and creates datasets for the snapshot backups.
    • The Provider (System, Software, Hardware component, such as Legato RM) actually creates the backup and presents to Host, or Snapshot Shadow Copy







To disable VSS support—Shadow Copy for Shared Folders (SCSF):


param cifs allowSnapSureVss=0


To enable (default) VSS support—allows access to previous file versions using checkpoints:


param cifs allowSnapSureVss=1



Also refer to Knowledgebase solution ID emc157433 for more information on the issue.