Pivotal HD Launch Event

Pivotal HD:  The World's Most Powerful Hadoop Distribution

With the first native, full SQL interface to Hadoop


On February 25th, EMC Greenplum announced product and technology innovations that will make Hadoop bigger, better, more accessible and meaningful than ever before. Watch the 90 minute live event featuring Scott Yara, co-founder of Greenplum and Harper Reed, former CTO of 2012 Obama Campaign.



Pivotal HD provides a “foundation for change” - a platform that addresses the complexity and implementation costs of Hadoop by enhancing it with the expressive power of Structured Query Language (SQL). The combination accelerates deployment, data exploration, model development and application development, while increasing overall information availability.  Pivotal HD provides a comprehensive, commercially supported distribution of Apache

Hadoop 2.0 that includes:


  • SQL: Mature SQL processing for Hadoop, leveraging 10 years of MPP query optimizer development.
  • Xtension Framework: Access MapReduce, Hbase and Hive data from SQL to accelerate analytics, while reducing data movement and duplication.
  • Virtualization Extensions: Accelerate cloud provisioning, deployment and management using VMware virtualization technology.
  • Installation Tools: Comprehensive installation, configuration, monitoring and management tools.
  • Pluggable Storage: Optimize availability using pluggable HDFS to meet storage requirements while adding enterprise availability and disaster recovery capabilities

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