What Patch Code is and how it can be used

A patch is a pattern of parallel, alternating black bars and spaces that is printed on a page. Some scanners can detect patch codes and this information can be used by software for different purpose. Patch codes are used to separate documents, switch scanner modes on the fly or for other actions. Scan software can allow user assigning his/her own actions for detected patch codes.


There are different patch codes:



As a rule they are distributed with scanner driver if it supports patch reading feature and user just need print them and start to use. I used scanner DR-9080C from Canon and EMC QuickScanPro to demonstrate working with patch codes. Below there is ISIS driver configuration dialog for this scanner. To use patch codes you should choose ‘Patchcode’ item in ‘Batch separation’ combo box.



QuickScanPro allows assign different actions for this case. You can either start new document discarding patch code page or add it to a new document. I chose the second case.





PixTools for .NET

PixTools for .NET SDK provides great support for patch codes.

To enable patch code separator you should write following code


if (m_Scanner.HWJobSeparator.Support)
    m_Scanner.HWJobSeparator.Value = PixHWJobSepMode.NoStopNoEject;



and when page is scanned you should check if it is separator



PageSide scannedSide = pipe.Run();
    //do something



That’s all! I will be glad to hear your responses.