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DELL EMC helps optimize performance and increase productivity with reduced cost for SAP system landscapes and infrastructure. EMC technologies and solutions for SAP help customers help:


Enable Self-Service SAP system cloning and refresh –  DELL  EMC has integrated with SAP Landscape Manager (LaMa) empowering SAP administrators with use of DELL EMC replication directly for further ease of management.


Additionally, EMC Replication Manager enables the use of clones or snapshots to quickly create read/writeable copies of SAP applications data at disk-to-disk speeds. Full clones can be used for recovery or space saving snapshots for test, development, quality assurance, reporting or other purposes. This has been shown to make replication of SAP up to 10X faster to perform.


Replicate SAP With Less Storage EMC storage platforms provide snap and clone capabilities to enable SAP environments to create read/writeable snap copies of applications which consume up to 25-30% less storage and can be used for reporting, test, development, or other uses.


This resource page provides information and content for EMC offers and applied technologies helping organizations managing SAP landscapes providing optimal service levels at the with lower cost for operations.

EMC Integration with SAP Landscape Management (SAP LaMa)

Video 1

Simplify SAP system copy and refresh for SAP:

Watch this video introducing how SAP Landscape  Manager (LaMa) together with EMC storage can provide savings in administration, reduce time spent on system copy task and hardware cost.

Solution Overview

EMC Storage Integrator (ESI) For SAP LaMa

EMC has extended SAP LVM automation with storage-level integration, leveraging EMC best-in-class, array-based replication technologies for SAP system clone, copy, and refresh activities.

Top ReasonsTop Reasons: Why EMC for SAP LaMa
Overview Presentation

Solution Overview: EMC Integration with SAP LaMa

White Paper

SAP Landscape Management on VCE Vblock System 300 Family

As cloud computing and virtualization rapidly evolve, SAP is working in strategic collaboration with partners EMC, VCE, and VMware to develop tools and services that make it faster and easier for customers to operate on-premise and cloud-enabled SAP landscapes.

Design Guide

Design Guide:  DELL EMC Storage Integration with SAP Landscape Management Software

Written for project architects, describes integration of EMC storage Integrator with SAP LVM software.

Implementation Guide

Implementation Guide:  Dell EMC Storage Integration with SAP Landscape Management Software

Written for project implementors. 

First-time customer install via EMC Professional Service offering:  PS-BAS-SAPESI Service Kit.  Installation can be made by contacting your SAP and/or EMC account team.

Product Page

EMC Product Page on

Download software and technical documentation (Release Notes, User Guide, Admin Guide).  Controlled availability, 1st-time customers must purchase PS-BAS-SAPESI Service Kit from their EMC account team


Link to SAP Community Network: EMC Landing Page for EMC Storage Integrator for SAP LaMa

Technical information including EMC support matrix


EMC Applied Technologies for SAP Migrations and Replication (non-SAP LaMa)

Subject / LinksDescription

EMC Transforms IT for SAP — SAP Application Server Migration to Accelerate Your Journey to the Cloud

  White paper

This White Paper explains the benefits of migrating only SAP Application Server Instances from Unix servers to VMware ESXi servers as a low-risk step toward cloud computing. It describes an SAP application server migration solution, tested and validated in an EMC Solutions laboratory, within the context of professional services offered by EMC Global Services

Non-Disruptive SAP Migrations

  Solution Overview

This Solution Overview provides use case examples and validation metrics as proof points for using Federated Live Migration with active SAP applications to accomplish a technology refresh or storage consolidation to VMAX.

Cloning with Cisco Tidal & EMC Replication Manager

  White paper

  Technical Presentation

This solution builds on the capabilities of Cisco Tidal Intelligent Automation for SAP (software that automates system refresh procedures for SAP systems including SAP Business Warehouse) and EMC's Replication Manager storage replication software to provide a fully automated, end-to-end cloning solution for SAP environments.