VSPEX Customer Profiles

VSPEX Videos

EMC World Customer Panel - VSPEX VP and GM Gil Shneorson discuss the before and after effect of VSPEX with EnvisionRX Options and Focus Technology Solutions

Chad Dunn EMC - VSPEX Senior Director of Operations gives you an introduction to VSPEX


VSPEX For Infrastructure As A Service

Surrey Satellite Technology (video) - With VSPEX, SSTL was able to offer its engineers virtual desktops and infrastructure as a service (IaaS) through automated virtualization.

Completel - Service Provider Completel runs their C-Cloud service offering on VSPEX Proven Infrastructure

Continuous Availability



Central Vermont Medical Center (video) - VSPEX delivers IT simplicity to CVMC by providing server and application virtualization with VDI.

Riverside Health System - Hospital deploys VDI for agility powered by EMC VSPEX.


VSPEX For Virtualized Microsoft Applications

Synapse 360 (video) - VSPEX means a 'great deal' to Synapse both for existing and net new customers - SQL Server

Fabick CAT - EMC VSPEX provides cost-effective performance and flexibility for MSFT Apps with Hyper-V - multiple Microsoft applications

NEW Bar Harbor Bank & Trust - VSPEX delivers agility, scalability, and protection to BHB&T's data center - Microsoft and Fiserv

Metis Medical Management Services - By using EMC VSPEX, Metis achieved a 100-percent virtual infrastructure, gaining the scalability and availability needed to expand its service offerings.

NEW Danbro (video) - VSPEX positioned Danbro for the future by providing much-needed scalability, critical-application support, and disaster recovery.


VSPEX For Virtualized Oracle Databases

T2 Systems - EMC VSPEX transforms business operations and enables high performance

NEW Agro-Culture (Link goes to Cisco.com)- Implemented VSPEX to improve scalability, increase sustainability, and deliver high-performance applications.

NEW EnvisionRX Options - VSPEX supports 288% growth with a protected, complete private cloud environment - SQL, SharePoint, Exchange


VSPEX For Virtualized SAP

LOEWE AG - EMC VSPEX proven infrastructure accelerates road to private SAP cloud

LOEWE AG (video)

Tupinamba Group -Roaster and seller of coffee beans cuts invoice generation time by nearly 50% with VSPEX - Microsoft and SAP


VSPEX for Server Virtualization and consolidation

Seventh Day Adventist Church – VSPEX makes for an easy transition to cloud infrastructure for 7th Day

Minor Weir & Willis  (video) – VSPEX transforms MWW’s IT in just 3 weeks

PBI/Gordon Corporation - EMC Partner AOS delivers VSPEX to transform physical hardware to a complete virtualization solution

Weltman Weinberg and Reis (video) – WWR responds to their business faster with VSPEX

SRM University - Delivering A Cloud Technology Course On A VSPEX Private Cloud

Panduit -  IT infrastructure provider strengthens global presence with EMC VSPEX Proven Infrastructure

Segyung Britestone - EMC VSPEX increases agility and yields 35 percent TCO savings

Acorda (video) - EMC VSPEX helped to maintain this biotechnology company’s mission of improving the lives of individuals with nervous system disorders.

Bowker (video) – VSPEX simplifies Bowker’s IT to do more with less

Central Vermont Medical Center - VSPEX enables CVMC's hospitalists to walk up to any device at any time and access information
PIMS Group (video)- Watch  the dramatic performance improvements that EMC VSPEX delivers to PIMS.  As a result, PIMS Group was able to deliver services faster than ever before.

Primer Group of Companies (video)-  By implementing EMC VSPEX, Primer Group was able to gain up to six-times better performance for its critical applications

Iasis Healthcare (video) - EMC VSPEX has transformed the way in which Iasis delivers patient care.

VSPEX Reference Slides

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VSPEX Infographics
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NEW - EMC VSPEX Takes T2 Systems to the next level. EMC VSPEX with Data Domain has improved T2’s virtualized Oracle performance, increased backup efficiency, and allowed major data center consolidation.


VSPEX Customers In The News

NSW Centre for Volunteering - VSPEX optimizes Centre's bandwidth and speeds up operations


VSPEX Partner Spotlights

Alexander Open Systems – VSPEX helps AOS bring faster change to more customers

ATEA  (video) - Chris Ashby desrcibes how VSPEX simplicity and pricing is right for ATEA's partner ecosystem

Bedroc - VSPEX sharpens data center focus for Bedroc

Boice.Net -  VSPEX builds customer loyalty for Boice.Net

Bull (video) - The company was able to achieve near zero recovery time objective (RTO) with zero recovery point objective (RPO)

Compunet - VSPEX increases profits for Compunet

Datalink  (video) – VSPEX quickly brings together best of breed solutions for Datalink's customers

ePlus (video) - VSPEX enables ePlus to support its customers' mission-critical applications while improving their customers' disaster recovery strategies.

Internetwork Engineering - VSPEX enables Internetwork Engineering to communicate more confidently with customers and broaden sales opportunities

LPS Integration – VSPEX + LPS Integration's high value services = customer transformation

Magirus | Avnet (video) - Chrisian Magirus describes how VSPEX enables resellers to Transform IT

MTI (video) -  MTI Technology was able to deliver up to 10-times performance improvement in a much simpler, more easily managed stack

NexTReT (video) - EMC Velocity partner NexTReT was able to rapidly deliver high-availability solutions to their customers

Nexus IS (video) – VSPEX enables Nexus IS to sell tier 1 solutions to SMB and midmarket customers

Pomeroy  (video) – VSPEX helps Pomeroy rapidly and repeatedly deliver complete solutions

Presidio -  VSPEX builds long-term relationships for Presidio

Sandz Solutions Philippines (video) - Sandz was able to transform its customers’ environments with EMC VSPEX built with EMC, Brocade, and VMware technology

SEC DataCom A/S (video) - Lars Zinglersen describes how VSPEX's flexibility allows resellers to build thier own VSPEX

SIGMAnet – VSPEX elevates the convo so that Sigmanet solutions unify customers’ IT

Tecala – VSPEX dramatically shortens the planning process for Tecala and their customers

Telindus (video) - Telindus was able to combine its expertise in security, backup, and managed solutions with EMC to transform their clients' IT

TIM AG (video) - Joerg Eilenstein describes how German modification for single financing, management and support give TIM a competitive edge
Topmedia - German VSPEX partner helps transform one of Europe's leading textile company's Infrastructure

World Wide Technologies – VSPEX validation reduces risk to WWT and their customers