Frequently Asked Questions about Dell EMC Elect

Dell EMC Elect

Frequently Asked Questions about Dell EMC Elect

What is Dell EMC Elect?

Dell EMC Elect is an annual recognition for people who have given back to the community of Dell EMC users by sharing their technical expertise and evangelising to others about Dell EMC solutions and services.

How can I qualify for the exclusive membership?

Candidates qualify by being active and sharing their Dell EMC knowledge and experiences with others. This could be online -- answering questions on the Dell EMC Communities, running a blog -- or it could be offline, for example by helping organise or speaking at Dell EMC User Groups or other local events.

Qualified candidates can nominate themselves for the membership or be nominated by their peers.

When and how does the nomination process take place?

Nominations are announced and accepted about the midpoint of the year for a specific window of time, usually 1 month.  You can nominate your peers or yourself through a simple online form available when nominations are declared open.

The Dell EMC team will follow up with nominees to confirm their interest and eligibility, and to request additional information for their official nomination.

Who is eligible be an Dell EMC Elect member?

To be chosen as an Dell EMC Elect the candidate must be at least the age of  majority in their jurisdiction (State, Province or country of primary residence) . Dell EMC Elect can be customers, partners, employees, or even users of our free software, from all around the world.  Again, EMC employees are eligible.
Membership awards are to individuals, not companies.

Exclusions: Members cannot be chosen from a country that appears on a US Government exclusion list.  This also applies to persons listed on a US Government list of excluded people.   Analysts and US Government employees are also not eligible.

Exclusions due to Gifting Policies:  

Dell EMC cannot award the membership and it's benefits to an employee of other companies if their company policies (e.g receiving gifts) prohibits them from receiving such benefits.

Is it harmful to nominate yourself?

Not at all - with Dell EMC Elect being a new honour, it is ALWAYS acceptable to nominate someone including yourself.

Is is better to be nominated multiple times?

No, not at all. We appreciate the enthusiasm of reaching out to peers for nomination, though it is more beneficial to the program to self-nominate or nominate a deserving peer at this time.

I work for an Dell EMC competitor - am I eligible?

All members of the social community are eligible for Dell EMC Elect. This includes members that contribute to the Dell EMC brand that work for vendors who may compete in other parts of the portfolio. Dell EMC reserves the right to limit access of any event from someone identified as a potential competitor. Please be forthright about your status during the application process.

Who chooses the participants?

An independent judging panel of previous year's EMC Elect & Dell Tech Centre Rockstars  will determine next years members based on an individual nominee's contributions throughout the previous calendar year only. For example, EMC Elect '16 and Dell Tech Centre Rockstar members will be selected based on contributions from January 1 to December 31, 2016.

Dell EMC Elect membership is granted based on influence, scope and quality of content. Multiple nominations are respectfully noted, though not a criteria for membership.

How long does the membership last?

Those granted membership earn the title Dell EMC Elect and can use the logo and title followed by the year (e.g. Dell EMC Elect '17) for one calendar year. Members may receive the honour in following years, though renewal is not automatic. Renewal is based on contributions to the community and evangelism over the preceding year.

What do Dell EMC Elect members  receive?

The biggest benefit of membership is the public recognition as an EMC Elect member. Benefits may also include (and are subject to change)

    • Membership certificate and gift
    • Public recognition in the EMC Elect directory
    • Official Dell EMC Elect title to display on website or email signature
    • Access to a private Dell EMC Elect community with exclusive content
    • Access to exclusive online events and other opportunities to participate in activities
    • Prioritisation in upcoming Beta and external reviews of Roadmaps and User Experience
    • Direct feedback mechanisms into all participating Dell EMC product teams


           Other potential benefits include:


    • VIP treatment at Tier 1 events
    • Educational Discounts


          The specifics given to members will be announced in February along with the first year's members.

Do Dell EMC Elect represent Dell EMC? Do they have any obligations?

No, Dell EMC Elect do not officially represent Dell EMC. Dell EMC Elect do not have any further obligations; the program is based on their contribution over the previous calendar year.

All information provided is under an anti-trust warning and is not to be used to restrict trade. 

Content created and information provided by Dell EMC Elect program members during their tenure as Dell EMC Elect can be re-used by Dell EMC publicly with appropriate recognition to the individual. Personally identifying information can be shared, but not published without direct consent.

It is - of course - largely encouraged that members contribute to conversation in the Member Space as well as online via the #DellEMCElect hashtag. This participation is optional and will not revoke current status.

Is there an Dell EMC Elect event?

There will be a gathering for members at Dell EMC World, as well as other exclusive online and other in person events.

Is there a policy around removal?

Yes, statements of discriminatory, hateful or slanderous nature will be reviewed by the PM team. It may result in temporary suspension or  full rejection from the program. NOTE that technical preference or opinion will not be grounds for removal. We leave room for technical opinion, always.

All details in this FAQ are subject to change. Dell EMC reserves the right, at all times, to terminate all or part of the program known as "Dell EMC Elect" with or without notice. Dell EMC shall not be held liable in the event of such termination.