EMC® VNX™ Series 7.1 - VNX Event Enabler


The EMC® VNX™ Event Enabler (VEE) framework is used to provide a working environment for the following facilities:


  • Common AntiVirus Agent (CAVA), also referred to as an antivirus agent
  • Common Event Publishing Agent (CEPA)


CAVA provides an antivirus solution to the clients by using EMC VNX. It uses industry-standard Common Internet File System (CIFS) protocols in a Microsoft Windows Server. CAVA uses third-party antivirus software to identify and eliminate known viruses before they infect files on the system (for example, the EMC VNX).


CEPA is a mechanism whereby applications can register to receive event notification and context from VNX. The event publishing agent delivers to the application both event notification and associated context in one message. Context may consist of file metadata or directory metadata needed to decide business policy.


While the VEE framework includes both CAVA and CEPA, they can run independently of each other or run together. This document is part of the VNX documentation set, and is intended for use by customers who want to use consumer applications (such as for quotas or content type) to manage content stored on VNX file systems.


VNX Event Enabler can be downloaded from support.emc.com