VNX API Resources

The information below lists a number of VNX API resources available for developers.









The XML API is an interface for remotely managing and monitoring the system. XML API uses XML formatted messages that allows programmers to use a variety of tools to parse and transform XML structures into objects for other programming languages.


Visit EMC® VNX™ for File XML API resource page to download a standalone version of Online Help for the EMC XML API accompanied by a Reference Guide in the PDF format.





EMC® VNX™ FLR Toolkit


The File-Level Retention (FLR) Toolkit 4.0 is an application suite for Microsoft Windows platforms. The toolkit provides users with graphical user interface (GUI) tools and command line interfaces to provide management solutions for FLR-enabled file systems. The FLR Toolkit is a suite of applications that enable users to manage the retention state of files in a retention-enabled file system. These tools support the Windows operating system.


Visit EMC® VNX™ FLR resource page.







EMC® VNX™ FileMover


EMC VNX FileMover is a VNX feature that delivers dynamic file mobility – the ability to automate the archiving of files in a network-attached storage (NAS) environment across a hierarchy of storage platforms. VNX FileMover demonstrates the benefits of ILM by optimizing the placement of files within an existing tiered storage infrastructure.


VNX FileMover can be used in multiprotocol environments. This means NFS, CIFS, HTTP, and HTTPS file servers can be used as secondary storage regardless of the protocol clients use to access archived files. This is because the metadata associated with an archived file is in a stub file; only the content of the file is archived to secondary storage.


Visit EMC® VNX™ FileMover resource page.






SMI-S Provider for VNX™


The VNX SMI-S Provider supports the Storage Management Initiative (SMI) of the Storage Networking Industry Association (SNIA), a standard for storage management by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI). The SMI-S defines the open storage management interface that enables the interoperability of storage management technologies from multiple vendors used to monitor and control storage resources in multi-vendor SAN topologies. The VNX for File SMI-S Provider provides an SMI-S version 1.4 compliant application programming interface (API) of the VNX for File product.


Download SMI-S Providers.