EMC File Level Retention (FLR) Toolkit v4.0.0.80 Release Notes


The EMC File Level Retention (FLR) Toolkit version is an application suite for Microsoft Windows platforms.The toolkit provides users with graphical user interface (GUI) tools and command line interfaces to provide management solutions for FLR-enabled file systems.


The FLR Toolkit is a suite of applications that enable users to manage the retention state of files in a retention-enabled file system. These tools support the Windows operating system. The FLR Toolkit consists of the following components:


  • A CLI query command (flrquery) that scans a specified directory tree and produces a list of files that match the specified criteria.
  • A CLI command (flrapply) to apply FLR protection to specified files.
  • A Windows Explorer-style GUI and interface shell extensions that combine the functionality of the query and apply operations by providing the ability to interact with the files returned by a query.
  • A monitoring service that runs as a Windows service and scans the state of content in specified directory trees. When files are placed into the monitored directory trees, they are subsequently automatically committed into the FLR or protected state with a pre-defined retention period. The monitoring service also scans the monitored directory trees for expired files and enables user-defined actions on the expired files.