EMC® VNX™ File Level Retention (FLR)

File-level retention (FLR) is an EMC® VNX™ series software feature for protecting files from modification or deletion until a specified retention date. By using file-level retention, you can archive data to FLR storage on standard rewritable magnetic disks through NFS or CIFS operations. FLR allows you to create a permanent, unalterable set of files and directories and ensure the integrity of data.


There are two different types of file-level retention available: enterprise (FLR-E) and compliance (FLR-C).

  • FLR-E protects data content from changes made by users through CIFS, NFS, and FTP.
  • FLR-C protects data content from changes made by users through CIFS, NFS, and FTP, from changes made by administrators, and also meets the requirements of SEC rule 17a-4(f).


  An FLR-enabled file system:Safeguards data by ensuring integrity and accessibility

  • Simplifies the task of archiving data for administrators
  • Improves storage management flexibility


Below is a list of resources available for EMC File Level Retention (FLR):




EMC® VNX™ Series - Using VNX™ File-Level Retention

This document is part of the VNX series documentation set and is intended for use by system administrators responsible for managing an FLR-enabled file system.


View the document

EMC® VNX™ File-Level Retention Overview

This white paper explains the concepts and benefits of VNX File-Level Retention. A technical overview of File-Level Retention and information on how to manage and use this software feature is included.


View the white paper

EMC® File Level Retention (FLR) – Testing Guide

This document is intended to be used as a resource for application developers while integrating with any EMC file server based on the system architecture that supports the File Level Retention (FLR) functionality. This document augments the Using VNX File-Level Retention document and the contents of the partner integration kit by suggesting tests to assist in the verification of a successful integration of a client application with the FLR functionality.


View the document

EMC® VNX™ FLR Toolkit

The EMC File Level Retention (FLR) Toolkit is an application suite for Microsoft Windows platforms. The toolkit provides users with graphical user interface (GUI) tools and command line interfaces to provide management solutions for FLR-enabled file systems.


View the Release Notes


Download FLR Toolkit 32bit

Download FLR Toolkit 64bit