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Microsoft System Center is a virtualization and cloud management platform for Datacenters. With System Center you can efficiently manage your applications and services using different Hypervisors for public and private cloud infrastructures.

Built on Windows Server with Hyper-V and System Center, Microsoft´s virtualization and management solutions can help you accelerate your journey to the cloud.


EMC Solutions support Microsoft Virtualization and System Center as platform for Datacenters, delivering important benefits, improving utilization and reducing power costs.

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Learn more about Microsoft Virtualization and Private Cloud with EMC and how we can build a dynamic, efficient and cost effective infrastructure for the cloud.



EMC capabilities.

EMC deliver a comprehensive set up of capabilities for Microsoft Virtual environment. We offer different solutions depending customer environments.





Storage Monitoring and Provisioning


EMC Storage Integrator.

EMC Storage Integrator (ESI) for Windows simplifies the management and provisioning of EMC storage for Microsoft Windows Servers and Applications in a physical and virtual (Hyper-V) environments.





Powershell Toolkit Storage Provisioning.

PowerShell commands automates storage operations such as.            

  • Create new storage volumes
  • Create and assgn LUNs
  • Attach Luns to the servers
  • Create snapshots
  • Remove Volumes, LUNs, Snaps


EMC System Center PRO Management Pack.

Enable IT Operations to automate the management of storage in virtual infrastructure.


  • EMC Management Packs for VNX, VMAX
  • Storage Visualization through System Center
  • Health Reporting on SAN objects
  • Detect when space is low on volume
  • Present administrator with option to migrate VMs to larger volume





SCVMM Cloud Management.

This Solution provides.


  • Storage Management and provisioning via EMC SMI-S provider
    • EMC VNX and EMC VMAX platforms
  • Host management
    • Hyper-V
    • VMware ESXi
  • VM Provisioning





This solution showcases a mixed Microsoft application workload (Microsoft Exchange 2010, Microsoft SharePoint 2010, and Microsoft SQL Server 2012), hosted on Windows Server 2012 Hyper-V and VMware ESXi™ 5.0.1 clusters, to provide a multi-hypervisor environment found in today’s corporate infrastructures.




PowerPath Virtual Edition.


EMC PowerPath/VE automates and optimizes data path pools in virtual environments to ensure business process availability and performance and the ability to scale-out mission-critical.




  • Automate failover and recovery. Automate failover to alternate data paths and keep business processes online.
  • Optimize load balancing – Eliminate I/O bottlenecks in virtual environments with increasingly high consolidation ratios.
  • Standardize path management -Use PowerPath/VE for VMware vSphere and Microsoft Hyper-V with PowerPath Multipathing for Linux, Microsoft Windows, and UNIX to standardize on a single offering across evolving physical and virtual environments.









Backup and Recovery

Hyper-V Parent  Child Protection. Integrate with native Microsoft technologies we provide full protection of VHD files

Applications running in VMs. Application aware backups for Exchange, SQL, SharePoint, etc. with application log management.

Traditional and Deduplication Backups reduce network bandwidth requirements and enable extended distance backups.




Business Continuity

Local&Remote Replication. We have solutions for local and remote replication using Replication Manager, RecoverPoint and Cluster Enabler for Disaster Recovery scenarios between different Datacenters in Hyper-V environments




Support for Cluster Shared Volumes. CSVs  is a new feature in Windows 2008 R2 that introduce the possibility to share volume between different nodes in a Microsoft Failover Cluster.



Storage Federation.  Solutions as VPLEX provide mobility, availability and collaboration between different Datacenters.


  • Zero Down-Time Data Center Moves
  • Data Center Consolidation
  • Data Center Agility
  • Flexible Workload Mobility
  • Continuous High Availability
  • Pre-Emptive Disaster Avoidance
  • Zero Down-Time Maintenance Windows



Microsoft Private Cloud Fast Track

EMC helps you accelerate to the cloud with Microsoft Private Cloud Fast Track reference architectures combining the best of EMC and Microsoft technologies.




Why EMC and our Resources


EMC Proven Solutions. Over 80 technical whitepapers including:

  • Hyper-V Best Practices with EMC storage arrays
  • Deployment Guides for virtualizing Exchange, SQL and Sharepoint
  • Advanced local and remote protection including EMC VPLEX with Hyper-V Live Migration


Blogs and Press Releases


EMC Proof of Concept for Microsoft Hyper-V: a one week engagement for deployment of Hyper-V, proposal of next steps for full deployment, and a Microsoft Hyper-V knowledge transfer

Virtualization Assessment: Formalized virtualization readiness assessment service across application environments and infrastructure




Microsoft Resources



This page offers you a complete list of free training in Microsoft technologies. Here you can find online, self-guided training courses, webcasts, demos and videos.

  • Complete online, self-guided training courses and assessments at the Microsoft Virtual Academy
  • Watch technical webcasts, podcasts, and virtual labs through the Microsoft Events
  • Register for a Jump Start, a fast-paced, demo-rich live virtual learning experience taught by Microsoft experts.



Microsoft Virtual Labs

You can test drive new and improved features and functionality, including server management and Windows PowerShell, networking, Hyper-V, and new storage solutions.



Microsoft System Center Virtual Labs


Windows 2012 and Hyper-V Virtual Labs.