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ESG: Realizing eDiscovery Benefits with EMC Kazeon eDiscovery

A Tangled E-discovery Web 2.0


Discovering & Producing Compliance Evidence


EMC Kazeon eDiscovery automates the identification, collection, preservation, processing, analysis, review, and policy-based management of unstructured content for event-directed investigations such as eDiscovery, eDisclosure, regulatory and compliance audits, and internal investigations. The system collects ESI from numerous repositories and applications to deliver defensibility, audibility, and continuity.


SourceOne eDiscovery


EMC Kazeon eDiscovery enables legal, compliance, and IT teams to respond rapidly and efficiently to event-driven investigation demands and ongoing information governance needs. As a part of a complete information governance strategy, the system can discover, classify, manage, and preserve information according to business value and legal risk. Learn More>>

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