Analyzer Decryption Utility v6. (aka nazdecrypt) [.NAZ/.NAR]

Analyzer Decryption Utility 2.png


Tool Use:  Analyzer Decryption Utility (aka nazdecrypt) is used to convert EMC Navisphere NAZ files into NAR files, which are ultimately pulled into the prevalent Unified Tier Advisor Lite (UTAL) and Analyzer Helper (AH) tools.  Analyzer Decryption Utility can be run either through the command-line, or within other EMC tools; acting as add-on functionality.  You can launch the install from the attached zip file at the bottom of this document.


NAZ AH 2.png


Reason for this Post:  In light of current UTAL and AH releases, as well as participation associated with past releases of said tools, the Analyzer Decryption Utility tool has come into high demand.  It has been a frequent topic of partner discussion on ECN and forums across the internet.  Within a SPeX - Velocity Services document, the tool is more easily referenced and discussed. 



Historically: Analyzer Decryption Utility has been and is still available on Services Partner Web: [Powerlink > Navigator > EMC Services Partner Web > VNX & VNXe > Service Tool Downloads > Archived Storage Tools].