This is great overview of the recently released solution EMC INFRASTRUCTURE FOR VMWARE CLOUD ENVIRONMENTS. This solution includes the following elements:




  • Deploy multiple critical database applications on a VMware private cloud enabled by a VMAX 40K array running Enginuity 5876 Code.
  • Solution has been optimized by FAST VP
  • Site-to-site protection enabled by EMC SRDF replication
  • Simulate a highly active customer database environment, serving multiple Tier-1 Applications






This solution showcases the EMC Symmetrix VMAX 40K platform as a viable, trusted storage array to service a mixed workload of Mission Critical applications.



EMC Fully Automated Storage Tiering for Virtual Pools (FAST VP) provides high performance and efficient storage tiering for the applications.



The fully virtualized VMware solution also showcases the ability to enable an effective DR storage solution by using the EMC SRDF.


Managed, monitored, and optimized through EMC Unisphere for VMAX

  • Simplified array management of FAST VP using “Allocation by Policy” feature of FAST VP
  • Assured performance in DR scenarios enabled by SRDF-aware FAST VP (Enginuity 5876) with constant, automated tuning of application storage at both production and disaster recovery sites