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Troubleshooting File system alert “FS /dev/mapper/emc_vg_pri_ide-emc_lv_home mounted on /home filling up” on Celerra.





The error is normally generated when the “/home” dir is full or has exceeded the threshold limit of 90% .Follow the steps given below to resolve the error.


1. Verify if /home is full:


$ df -h|grep home

/dev/mapper/emc_vg_pri_ide-emc_lv_home     591M  536M   26M  96% /home


2. Change directory to /home/nasadmin:


$ cd /home/nasadmin


3. Sort the directory to list the largest file first. You can also run ls -al, which also displays the information in a non-sorted format, but obtains the same information.


$ ls -gs|sort -nr

381776  -rw-rw-r--  1 nasadmin 390936423 May 22 09:06 CX4-Bundle-

12556  -rw-rw-r--  1 nasadmin 12836150  Sep 17 12:08

10196  -rw-rw-r--  1 nasadmin 10423491  Sep 17 12:08

5744   -rwxrwxrwx  1 nasadmin  5867520   Aug  9 09:28 check_nas_upgrade_6.0.43.0.tar

2944   -rw-r--r--  1 nasadmin  3009600  Sep  5 12:29 upgrd-ckv10-80.tar.gz

In this case, the CXx-Bundle-<FLARE code version>.pdu file highlighted above, loaded on May 22nd  was not removed after the upgrade. This file can safely be removed.

$ rm CX4-Bundle-


4. Check the file system size of .home again to be sure that it is below the 90% threshold:


$df -h|grep home

/dev/mapper/emc_vg_pri_ide-emc_lv_home              591M  162M  399M  29% /home 

Note: There may also be large, old SPCollect files. These can also be removed with the same rm command as well. In the above output from the ls command, the two SPCollect files are listed as and


Also refer to Knowledgebase Solution ID emc279003 for more information on the error.