How To Find An Avamar Data Node's WCAA / NNG / EMC Serial Number Via SSH

How To Find An Avamar Data Node's WCAA / NNG / EMC Serial Number Via SSH


Avamar Server 7.x

Avamar Server 6.x

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This article describes how to find the EMC serial number using the SSH for Avamar nodes.




The Avamar system is located at a physically distant location.  We need to learn the serial (WCAA / NNG) number of an Avamar DataStore node.




The methods for obtaining the serial numbers from Avamar DataStore Gen2, Gen3 and Gen4 hardware are given below.

The functionality was introduced in mid 2009 so it will not work on all Gen 2 nodes.  If the output does not display a WCA or NNG number as shown below or if the node is powered down or unreachable then a physical check of the node will be necessary.


For Avamar Datastore Generation 2 and Generation 3 nodes:


Login to the node for which you want to get the number and execute the following command.


/usr/bin/omreport chassis frontpanel | grep "LCD Line"


LCD Line 1 :


The EMC serial number is at the beginning of the LCD Line value starting with WCA or NNG up to the first underscore.

The middle section ( 100-580-602_A07) is the EMC part number.

The last section is the node's IP address.


For convenience, here is a mapall command to be run on the utility node (as admin user with dpnid keys loaded) which will retrieve the serials on all the nodes in the grid.


mapall --all+ --quiet '/usr/bin/omreport chassis frontpanel | grep "LCD Line 1" | sed "s/^.*: *\(.*\)/\1/"'


Sample output:


(Note that this command contains single, double, and backtick quotes.  For best results, copy/paste this command into your PuTTY session instead of trying to retype it.)


For Avamar Datastore Generation 4 nodes


Avamar Datastore Generation 4 hardware consists of two different types of Dell nodes (R510 and R710). A new hardware information retreival system is used and has a different command that will work on all Gen4 nodes.


To retrieve the serial number on a node, login as root and issue the following command:


/usr/bin/ipmitool fru print 0 | grep "Product Asset Tag" | sed "s/^.*: *\(.*\)/\1/"


This command must be run as root user or else you will see an error such as:

"Could not open device at /dev/ipmi0 or /dev/ipmi/0 or /dev/ipmidev/0: No such file or directory"


The following mapall command is run from the utility node (run as admin with dpnid key loaded) will retrieve the serial numbers from all of the nodes in the grid.


mapall --noerror --user=root --nodes=all+ --quiet 'echo `hostname -i`": "`/usr/bin/ipmitool fru print 0 | grep "Product Asset Tag" | sed "s/^.*:\s\(.*$\)/\1/"`'


Sample output: NNG05104310280_100-580-617_A04           NNG05104310279_100-580-617_A04           NNG05104310284_100-580-617_A04           NNG05104310287_100-580-617_A04                  


The node serials in the example above start with NNG up to the first underscore.

The 100-580-617_A04 part is the EMC part/revision number.




EMC Support Solution Number: 94399