Recommended NFS timeout setting for VMware ESX server on Celerra



Celerra ALL

VMware ESX Server 3.5

VMware vSphere 4.0




Recommended NFS timeout settings on VMware ESX Server using Celerra




The following are the steps to configure the recommended NFS timeout settings on VMware ESX Server with Celerra:


1.     Log in to the VMware Infrastructure Client (Or vSphere client ).

2.     Choose the ESX host.

3.     Click the Configuration tab.

4.     Click Advanced Settings.

5.     Select NFS.


The recommended timeout settings are :


NFS.HeartbeatTimeout = 12

NFS.HeartbeatMaxFailures = 5

NFS HeartbeatDelta = 5

NFS.HeartbeatFrequency = 10


  • NFS.HeartbeatFrequency - This sets how often the NFS heartbeat world runs to see if any NFS volumes need a heartbeat request.

  • NFS.HeartbeatTimeout - The amount of time before aborting a heartbeat request.

  • NFS.HeartbeatMaxFailures - The number of consecutive heartbeat requests that must fail before the server is marked as unavailable.

  • NFS.HeartbeatDelta - The amount of time after a successful GETATTR request before the heartbeat world issues a heartbeat request for a volume. If an NFS volume is in an unavailable state, an update is sent every time the heartbeat world runs.


Also refer to Knowledgebase solution ID emc249744 for more information on the error.