Procedure to change "nasadmin/root" password on a Linux Control Station



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Procedure to change "nasadmin/root" password on a Linux Control Station.




Follow this procedure to change the nasadmin or root password:



1.     Log in to Celerra CLI as nasadmin user.



2.     Switch user (SU) to the root user.



$ su

Password:(Enter the root user's password.)



3.     Use the “passwd” command followed by the user's name that needs the password change.  Then follow the command prompts


  1. passwd nasadmin

Changing password for user nasadmin

New password:

BAD PASSWORD: it is based on a dictionary word  (this is normal and is okay if you are changing the password as a root user)

Retype new password:

passwd: all authentication tokens updated successfully



4.   Record, in a secure place, the new password for use in the future.



Also please refer toKnowledgebase solution ID emc73717 for more information on the issue.