Where To Find Your U Sell U Earn & Training Unit Balance



There are several ways that you can determine your company’s current U Sell U Earn & Training Unit Balance.


First, you should be receiving a quarterly report from your distributor regarding if and/or how many Training Units you earned for the previous quarter and what your current balance it.  Please reach out to your distributor if you are not receiving the quarterly updates.



Then, there are a couple of locations where you can access your U Sell U Earn and Training Unit balance:



1. In Partner Central under your Company Profile.  This will show ONLY U Sell U Earn Training Units earned.




2. In the EMC Partner Education Portal.  This will show total balance of ALL Training Units including those accrued through U Sell U Earn and any purchased, etc.







If you have any issues, please reach out to the U Sell U Earn Help Desk at USellUEarn@emc.com.  THANKS!!!