Why is SAP HANA Significant for You and EMC?

What is SAP HANA (High Performance Analytics Appliance)


  • SAP HANA is SAP’s Big Data strategy which every SAP sales person is messaging to their customers as delivering business analytics in a fraction of the time previously required
  • SAP HANA is an appliance enabling customers to analyze large volumes of SAP data in real time, minimizing requirements for traditional transformation to data warehouses
  • SAP HANA is a hardware and software combination delivered as an optimized and SAP certified “In-Memory” appliance by leading SAP server and storage partners 
  • EMC and Cisco announced their certified SAP HANA Scale-Out appliance on Thursday June 7, 2012  based on best of breed technologies:  EMC VNX and Cisco UCS




Why should you care?


  • HANA is SAP’s most strategic initiative in their 35 year history – SAP is betting their future on HANA running all SAP applications in the coming years (including OLTP)
  • HANA use cases are being presented to and reviewed by CXO executives in major companies.  CIOs and above are involved in HANA initiatives and purchase decisions.
  • 9 out of 10 SAP customers we speak to have, or are planning, a SAP HANA initiative
  • HANA will provide an alternative to traditional database management and data warehouse systems, and will change the way your company conducts its business
  • SAP HANA provides companies simulation capabilities that are just not possible with traditional systems today;  complex queries taking 30 hours take less than 1 hour (SAP)
  • If you are looking to leverage SAP data to achieve real time business insight, SAP HANA absolutely needs to be on your discussion agenda
  • If you are NOT having SAP HANA conversations, your competitors are… and your ability to compete effectively will be marginalized




So why is this important to EMC?


  • EMC has partnered with SAP for more than 16 years, and is today the leading storage provider to SAP customers worldwide (IDC)
  • SAP customers have come to rely upon EMC for rock-solid, 24x7 business operations and innovations with VNX, VMAX, FAST, VPLEX, VFCache, Data Domain and many more leading infrastructure technologies.
  • Cisco is an EMC long-standing strategic partner with whom EMC, together with VCE, have successfully enabled SAP customers’ journey to cloud computing by transforming their IT infrastructure from legacy UNIX systems to x86 computing platforms.
  • EMC and Cisco are partnered with SAP to help customers take the next step to business transformation with SAP HANA and see this as an evolution of the joint investments each have made to enable and optimize SAP customers’ IT infrastructures 
  • EMC and Cisco have certified a HANA appliance with differentiated value proposition around Scalability and HA/Failover.
  • As SAP HANA evolves, EMC will continue to enhance its operational support with ongoing innovation for enterprise transformation and manageability.
  • EMC values its customers and wants to help you succeed in your business and IT transformation initiatives with the best SAP HANA and Cisco/EMC have to offer.



Want to hear more?


  1. Contact your local EMC Account Representative
  2. Share your proposed HANA initiative (s)
  3. Allow Cisco/EMC to provide you more detail re: our joint solution and next steps.



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