VMware, Cisco, EMC Update - 5/2/2012

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Our March EMC and VMware webcast series offers these topics:


SAP customers today are evaluating how to move to virtualization, confidently, cost effectively, and efficiently—while ensuring the highest levels of availability and security.  Join Ganesh Radhakrishnan, CEO of Wharfedale Technologies as he discusses practical, customer experiences on safe passage to the SAP Cloud. Learn how customers have virtualized SAP environments with EMC and VMware solutions and the immediate benefits that have accelerated their journeys to the cloud.

Are you planning to build a vSphere infrastructure that uses EMC Isilon storage? Join us for an inside look at the technical concepts and implementation processes that you need to know. Learn the options and considerations to create and manage datastores, along with EMC's recommendations for tuning vSphere and Isilon to optimal performance and availability.

IT transformation is happening all around us, ignited by Cloud Computing and Virtualization. In fact, half the planet’s computing load runs on virtual infrastructures, which enable the journey to the cloud. IT transformation is not your future, it is your business today and it holds massive opportunity.

EMC Avamar continues to advance next generation backup and recovery solutions for demanding workloads and virtual environments. Join us as we reveal the new innovative features of Avamar 6.1. Learn about expanded business critical application support, virtual environment enhancements, increased performance and the latest capabilities for extended retention.


EMC/VMware/Cisco Release Watch

  • VMware vCenter Operations v5.0.1 (4/26/12)
  • VMware vCenter Infrastructure Navigator – VIN v1.1.0 (4/26/12)
    • vCD Compatibility
    • Discovery of physical entities, & more…
    • Release Notes
  • VMware vCenter Application Discovery Manager – vDM (4/26/12)
  • VMware Thinapp v4.7.1 (4/26/12)
  • VMware Fusion v4.1.2 (4/26/12)


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