Mission Critical Business Continuity Made Simple

Mission Critical workload protection Demo


Live workload migration


VMware with VPLEX Metro & Cisco OTV on Vblock Infrastructure Platform


Move applications seamlessly between sites to reduce the need for planned outages due to maintenance work on storage, fabrics, servers or sites.

Jointly validated VCE architecture using Cisco Overlay Transport Virtualization to reduce impact of required stretched IP subnets between sites.



Title:  Mission Critical Business Continuity Demo


Come view the Mission Critical Business Continuity Demo and see how VMware, Cisco, EMC and VCE are partnering to bring the private cloud to life. Cisco, EMC & VCE have brought the live demo to the show floor and will be providing attendees the chance to get hands on with the technology. Leverage the new vSphere iPad application to initiate a live workload migration. The dream of active/active datacenters and always on solutions is made real with Cisco’s Overlay Transport Virtualization(OTV), EMC’s VPLEX Metro, VMware’s vSphere all running together on VCE’s Vblock infrastructure.



If you are attending VMWorld 2012 in Barcelona stop by the EMC, VCE or Cisco booth to catch the live demo:

Tuesday, October 9 – 12:30 pm VCE,  1:30 pm Cisco, 2:30 pm EMC

Wednesday, October 10 – 1:30 pm VCE,  11:30 a.m. Cisco,  3:30 pm EMC

Thursday, October 11 - 11:00 am VCE, 1:00 pm Cisco, 2:30 pm EMC


In case you missed the live demo here it is: