RAMP Introduction

The EMC Community Network Evolves, Again


Today we have an exciting announcement about the continuing evolution of the EMC Community Network: the introduction of RAMP. This Recognition, Award, and Motivation Program aims to materially improve the user experience across all areas of the ECN. In addition, RAMP will create a single, universal, portable status for each of us. At launch, this status will recognize activity across the ECN previously earned as well as badge scan check-ins at EMC World. This status will showcase your expertise and competency across the community and will grow over time.



One Status, Four Building Blocks


Every community member will see this change in four forms: points, levels, badges, and missions.


  • Points are awarded for every interaction, encouraging our community to create fantastic discussions, share innovative new ideas, and answer each other’s questions.
  • Levels are totally new as well. We had fun creating our new level system and associated your growth with the growth of data over time.
  • Badges and missions are two ways we want to recognize special achievements on the ECN. Earn badges by becoming a prolific commenter or by answering question after question from your peers.
  • Missions are collections of activity. At launch, we will have two live missions: the Early Adopter mission and the Transform Your Future mission. These collections of activity result in a unique reward.



EMC World 2012 Launch


Starting now, RAMP levels and rewards will appear within your profile on the ECN and there is more to come. There are big additions to a user experience we will reveal in time for EMC World 2012 in Las Vegas.


We have built missions for those attending the show as well as for those not able to join us in Vegas. The Early Adopter mission will offer an exclusive badge for early participation in RAMP while the Transform Your Future mission will involve community interaction as well as badge scans at several floor locations. See the Mission Briefing Center for more details.



Next for RAMP


What’s next for RAMP?


Listening and refinement, followed by more listening and more refinement.


We want to hear your thoughts on how we can build badges, missions, and the overall RAMP effort to reflect the value that our community members create every single time they log on. Love it? Loathe it? Stop by our booth or drop us a note to help us refine RAMP and improve the way we recognize community activity.


In addition, we will continue to maintain an extensive list of your Frequently Asked Questions on the ECN and will be on the show floor to take your questions in person. We have even bigger, broader plans for RAMP—but you’ll have to stay tuned for more updates to come.



- The RAMP Team

  Tyler Altrup & Matt Brender