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EMC Webcasts:  Each Thursday @11am ET
Our March EMC and VMware webcast series offers these topics:


Our Best Practices for the EMC VNX family will introduce features to transform your existing environment into a cloud-ready infrastructure. Learn about the performance and scalability of the VNX platform across mission critical services plus new solutions for virtual desktop and cloud applications including the VMware vSphere 5 Cloud operating system.

  • Best Practices: Backup and Recovery for VMware - April 12, 2012
    Hosts: Ed Walsh, Senior vSpecialist, EMC and Mike Zolla, Senior Manager, Corporate Systems Engineering, EMC

    Traditional backup and recovery can't keep up with the increased demands of growing virtual environments. Now you can protect your virtual environment, speeding and simplifying VMware backups while saving resources. Join us as we reveal EMC best practices for protecting your VMware environments.
  • Best Practices: VMAX and VMAXe for VMware - April 19, 2012
    Hosts: Cody Hosterman, Senior Systems Engineer, EMC and Drew Tonnesen, Consulting Systems Engineer, EMC

    To ensure proper performance of your Symmetrix VMAX or VMAXe array when used with VMware, you must be sure that you are using EMC Best Practices. This webcast will focus on essential principles that you can easily apply to your VMware environment to get the most out of both VMware and Symmetrix. Join us as we examine many existing and new capabilities.
  • Best Practices: When & How to Use Stretched Clusters April 26, 2012
    Host: Scott Lowe, CTO, VMware Affinity Team, EMC

    EMC VPLEX’s AccessAnywhere functionality, when coupled with the industry-leading virtualization solution VMware vSphere, enables new topologies, like stretched clusters. But is a stretched cluster the best solution? In this webcast, we’ll examine stretched clusters and VMware’s own Site Recovery Manager to determine which solution is the right solution for your organization.

EMC/VMware/Cisco Release Watch

  • VMware vSpehere ESXi v5.0 U1 (3/15/12)
  • VMware vCenter Server v5.0 U1 (3/15/12)
  • VMware vCenter Orchestrator Appliance v4.2.0 U1 (3/15/12)
  • VMware vSphere Management Assistant (VMA) v5.0.0.1 (3/8/12)
  • VMware Studio v2.6 (3/8/12)
  • VMware vCloud Director v1.5.1 (3/15/12)
  • VMware vCenter Site Recover Manager v5.0.1 (3/15/12)
  • VMware vCenter Heartbeat v6.4 U1 (3/15/12)
    • Support for vCenter v5.0U1
    • Install of vCenter Support Tools
    • Release Notes
  • VMware vCenter Configuration Manager v5.5.0 (3/15/12)
    • Now Supports vCloud Environments and Mobility
    • Collects more data, expanded visualizations and more…
    • Release Notes
  • VMware vShield Edge/App/Endpoint/Data Security v5.0.1 (3/15/12)
  • VMware Service Manager v9.1 Patch 01 (3/15/112)
  • VMware Chargeback Manager v3.0.1 (3/8/12)
    • Updated Tomcat Server
    • Better vCloud Director data collection
    • Release Notes
  • VMware View v5.0.1 (3/15/12)
    • New MAC OSX – Now Supports PCoIP
    • SSL Connections Mandatory
    • Release Notes
  • VMware vFabric Application Director v1.0.0 (3/15/12)
    • Initial Release – Automates Provisioning of Applications
    • Release Notes
  • EMC ProSphere v1.5 (3/13/12)
    • FAST-VP Support
    • Enhanced Monitoring & Alerting and more…
    • Press Release
  • EMC Virtual Storage Integrator (VSI) v5.2
  • PowerPath/VE (3/9/12)


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