EMC PROSPHERE : Play-Learn-Try

UPDATED January 2013: We have now made ProSphere v1.7 – see below for download links.

Welcome to the Play-Learn-Try page for EMC ProSphere version 1.6 1.7. ProSphere is EMC's new storage resource management suite; it has been designed to meet the needs of today's growing, highly virtualized data centers. This latest version was announced earlier in March (http://www.emc.com/about/news/press/2012/20120312-01.htm). Check out more ProSphere information at http://www.emc.com/it-management/prosphere/prosphere.htm, especially under the Resources link.

If you'd like to give it a try now, follow the instructions below and test it out for free for 60 days! If you would like a permanent license, future releases and support, then contact us (http://www.emc.com/products/how-to-buy/index.htm). (Otherwise, let us know what you didn't like by adding comments below or on the Everything VMware page, and please uninstall the ProSphere vApp.)


If you have not seen Chad’s overview, his Virtual Geek Blog mentioned this ProSphere free download, and provided a video demo that gives a great overview of the product in a VMware environment: http://virtualgeek.typepad.com/virtual_geek/2012/03/emc-prosphere-15-play-learn-try.html. The video can also be accessed directly: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XiIYBSS9yTw.  Also take the time to check out this easy to follow ProSphere install guide from Tommy Trogden (vTexan): http://www.vtexan.com/2013/01/08/how-to-install-emc-prosphere/


Let’s get started! You will need to download a few files, install ProSphere, discover your environment, and then enable performance collection.


First, here is a great overview of the overall process you will need to follow to deploy ProSphere:



We have included some of the ProSphere documentation for you to download. These guides fill in a lot of detail that was summarized in the EASY document, and can get you through most questions you may run into during ProSphere implementation.




Now that you’ve done a little reading and planning, here are the links to download the various components (5) that make up the ProSphere 1.7 vApp.



Prosphere v1.7 – File Downloads:


Collector Appliance:    


Discovery Appliance:


Historical Database:


Storage Resource Manager:    



EMC also offers a configuration utility for Windows Hosts that help you verify settings to enable ProSphere discovery and performance monitoring of these hosts. The Deployment Prep Guide (page 9) covers this utility, and the rest of that chapter covers complete configuration of Windows Hosts for monitoring.



The Deployment Prep Guide (page 8) mentions validating HBAs and a set of operating system specific scripts to do so. They are all zipped up in the following download:



We will be adding "How To" videos to this page over time. Stay tuned!


If you have additional questions or need any help with ProSphere, you can jump to the ProSphere Support Forum (https://community.emc.com/community/support/prosphere). For current EMC Control Center or ProSphere customers, you can follow your standard support process through EMC Powerlink, or contact your EMC account team members.


Please give us your feedback on ProSphere. We’re at version 1.6 with 2.0 development well underway, and a lot more features, functionality and coverage coming (as mentioned in Chad’s blog). Your input is always appreciated!





Prosphere v1.6:


Collector Appliance:


Discovery Appliance:


Historical Database:


Storage Resouce Manager: