The Human Face of Big Data: EMC Partner Participation

The Human Face of Big Data: EMC Partner Participation
In March 2012, 100 of the world’s leading photographers will be dispatched around the globe to photograph different ways Big Data is impacting our civilization. 

EMC is the principal sponsor of this exciting new project, The Human Face of Big Data, and we would like you to participate with us.

About the Project
All you need to do is suggest assignment ideas for these world-class photojournalists. Tell us how your customers, your company, or your local community is using Big Data to change the world; make sure your project is already underway or you have completed implementation. For project examples please click here.

Selected ideas will be featured in both an iPad application and a coffee table book, which we expect to be a national best seller. If your story is selected, you will receive a signed copy of the photograph used in this project, along with the book itself.

To hear more about this project, please view The Human Face of Big Data video.

We look forward to your participation. More detailed information about how you can participate in this initiative will be coming soon. Please contact if you have questions regarding this communication.

The deadline for idea submission is Thursday March 15, 2012; to submit ideas, please visit the