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Episode 33:

"Microsoft Exchange 2010 Storage Calculator with EMC Extentions" (August 20, 2012)

Jim Cordes is part of the EMC Commercial Solutions Advisory Team and has been designing messaging solutions since the early days of MS Mail. He has been hard at work developing the “EMC Extensions” for the Microsoft Exchange 2010 Storage Calculator. I spent some time with Jim at Microsoft Teched this past year.

Episode 32:

"Microsoft Teched 2012 Video Recap" (June 18, 2012)

This episode is a high level overview of EMCs presence at Microsoft TechEd 2012. Including: Avamar 6.1, a Best of TechEd Finalist. I spent some time with Alex Almedia to get a high level overview of Avamar 6.1. Then I visited Txomin Barturen with his “Toys” The EMC Microsoft Fast Track Private Cloud. The customer interest was overwhelming. Txomin spent most of the conference demonstrating ODX and SMB 3.0 support.VFCache, Server side PCIe Flash IO accelerator, is a key component of EMCs Fully Automated Storage Tiering, extending FAST to the server. I spent some time reviewing VFCache Hardware and Software, for more VFCache info visit  

Mike Mcghee was EMCs breakout presenter. I spent some time reviewing his session and spent some time with Neil Salamack talking about EMCs latest data protection product, AppSync.

Episode 31:

"Microsoft Teched 2012 Keynote ODX and in Conference Update" (June 12, 2012)

EMCs Windows Server 2012 integration is so deep it was featured as part of the opening Keynote of Microsoft Teched 2012. That keynote demo is included in this episode of Inside the Partnership. I also spent some time with Adrian Simays toreview what is happing during day 1 of the conference.

Episode 30:

"EMCWorld 2012 Special Edition - Customer Appreciation party and Maroon-5 Concert" (May 31, 2012)

This Special Edition has basically NOTHING to do with EMC and Microsoft...  or even EMC.  Here is some footage from the closing customer appreciation party at EMC World 2012 - featuring Maroon 5.  Hope to see you back in Vegas in 2013!

Episode 29:

"EMCWorld 2012 VFCache Update and Microsoft Teched 2012 preview" (May 25, 2012)

In Episode 28 I spent some time with Rada Manga and did a quick introduction of EMC VFCache.  A press release during EMC world highlighted the latest VFCache form factor and Cisco UCS Blade support.  I spent some time with Brian Sorby of the EMC Flash Business Unit to review that announcement.  Then I took a sneak peak at Microsoft TechEd, after all... It's NEXT WEEK!!  Wow what a turnaround.  Look for me at Teched and ask about a Cache Gordon USB Drive!!!

Episode 28:

"EMCWorld 2012 in conference update, AppSync, VFCache Breakout and Maroon5" (May 23, 2012)


I ran into Adrian Simays and Brian Henderson, both friends of the show, in the EMC Bloggers Lounge. I couldn't let an opportunity like that slip buy without firing up the webcam. I was able to track down Adrian on the second day as well; you can find the podcast here.

On day one of the conference I also visited the Leveraging EMC VFCache with Enterprise Applications breakout session. In true Inside the Partnership fashion I was able to get an interview with Radha Manga and a quick introduction to EMC VFCache.

Episode 27:

"EMC MMS Breakout Session - MSFT Private Cloud Amplified with EMC" (May 9, 2012)


During the full week that was the Microsoft Management Summit 2012, not only did EMC participated in Theater Sessions, the Partner Sponsor pavilion and conduct multiple product and integration demonstrations in and around the EMC exhibit pavilion. EMC also hosted a breakout session, “Microsoft Private Cloud, Amplified with EMC”. That session, hosted by Adrian Symais and Txomion Barturen features highlights of EMC management tools and EMC/Microsoft Systems Center integration.

Episode 26:

"Microsoft Management Summit #MMS2012 - EMC/Cisco/Microsoft Private Cloud Fast Track & DEMO"  (May 3, 2012)


As part of the EMC MMS Gold Sponsorship, EMC had multiple presentations in the Microsoft Sponsor Theater. Txomin took the opportunity to review the details of the EMC/Cisco/Microsoft Private Cloud Fast Track reference architecture. And of course, I had my camera ready....

Episode 25:

"MMS2012 Recap - Microsoft Private Cloud Fasttrack and Virtual Machine Manager with Systems Center Application Controller DEMO" (Apr 23, 2012)



The last few episodes of Inside the Partnership focused on different pieces of the Systems Center Management Suite. In this episode I take a quick look at the EMCs MMS presence and spent some time with Txomin Barturen.  Txomin reviewed the EMC/Microsoft Private Cloud reference architecture, more specifically how to accelerate application deployment leveraging Systems Center Virtual Machine Manager and Systems Center Application Controller.


Much more from MMS is future episodes of Inside the Partnership including a detailed look at the Private Cloud Reference Architecture Hardware components, the EMC Breakout session and the EMC presentations from the Microsoft Partner Pavilion.

Episode 24:

"ESI (EMC Storage Integrator) 1.3 Update DEMO and MMS2012" (Apr 6, 2012)


Here at EMC, we continue to push the envelope when it comes to building the best storage management tools available. In some cases we are changing traditional thinking, such as moving from Storage Provisioning to Application Provisioning. EMC Storage Integrator (ESI) can do exactly that. Back in ITP Episode #10, we voted ESI the #1 storage tool for managing Microsoft application environments.

ESI has seen some enhancements since then, all of which will be demonstrated and part of EMCs MMS2012 sessions. I sat down with Giri Basava, lead engineer, to find out what's new and what we can expect in the near future.

Episode 23:

"Systems Center Virtual Machine Manager 2012 Demo and MMS2012" (Mar 23, 2012)


Operations Manager is just the beginning of the Systems  Center Suite. The Systems Center 2012 Suite includes 8 separate modules  with specific functions.  A key point of synergy between EMC and  Microsoft is deploying and managing the Private Cloud.  With Systems  Center Virtual Machine Manager 2012, you have the ability to manage your  entire virtual infrastructure including enterprise storage.  By  leveraging standard SMI-S providers, EMC is able to fully support this  Microsoft Management strategy providing our joint customers with the  choice of management tools.  You can use EMC industry leading array  management technologies, like ESI, or the Microsoft product suite.    It's up to you!

Episode 22:

"Systems Center Operations Manager 2012 Demo and MMS2012" (Mar 13, 2012)


With the SQL Launch behind us, our attention turns to the Microsoft Management Summit 2012. Once again, EMC is a gold sponsor of MMS and our engineers are hard at work preparing for Systems Center 2012.


While I was in Redmond for the SQL Launch, I was able to "sneak" into the Redmond Development Center. While I was there, I was able to capture a quick demo of Systems Center Operations Manager 2012 (SCOM 2012). This episode includes a demo of SCOM 2012 RC, along with finding and installing the EMC Management Packs and monitoring an EMC array. The Management Packs are just the beginning of the EMC engineering efforts taking place for MMS. Stay tuned to Inside the Partnership for more.

Episode 21:

"Microsoft SQL Server 2012 Launch Special Edition" (Mar 6, 2012)


EMC is a Diamond Sponsor of the SQL Server 2012 Launch!!

March 7th 2012 marks the official launch of Microsoft SQL Server 2012, as mentioned in the Inside the Partnership series and on my blog at


This sponsorship is being covered across the globe and covers just about every technology here at EMC. Over the past few weeks I spend some time in Redmond, Washington tracking down exactly what resources have been busy preparing for the launch.

The video is a little longer than normal, but does cover a lot of the working being done. Hope you enjoy. Be sure to watch the BLOG for more details and visit the Everything Microsoft at EMC Community site at


Episode 20:

"EMC ItemPoint: Built in Message Level Recovery for Microsoft Exchange" (Feb 16 2012)


Introducing EMC ItemPoint: Built in Item Level Recovery for individual Exchange Message Recovery!  ItemPoint integrates with your existing EMC infrastructure to provide message level recovery from your EMC Snaps, Clones and Bookmarks.

I recently took some time to review and demonstrate the new EMC ItemPoint functionality with Neil and Brian, thanks for the help and demo.

EMCs full suite of Microsoft Exchange based solutions provides the appropriate level of protection for the specifics of you exchange service levels.  To learn more about the EMC Microsoft Exchange Recovery Solutions contact your EMC account team or your EMC mSpecialist. 


More ItemPoint information Here

Episode 19:

"2012 Overview and Getting Ready for MMS 2012" (Jan 29 2012)


Happy 2012... and what a year ahead, starting with the SQL 2012 launch, of which EMC is a Diamond Sponsor, much more on that later.


I recently sat down with John Terescik. John is largely responsible for the direction of EMCs Systems Center integration and direction across EMC products. With the highly anticipated launch of System Center 2012, EMC is preparing the Microsoft Management Summit. EMC is once again a Gold Sponsor of MMS. John and I spoke about what that means. For a summary of MMS2011, check out Inside the Partnership Episode #2.                       

Episode 18:

"The EMC/Microsoft Technology Summit (mSpecialist)"

(Dec 23 2011)



Keeping EMC field resources up to date on the latest EMC/MSFT integration and road maps and keeping hands on are keys to EMCs success. In order to "stay sharp", EMC conducts an annual summit for all EMC Microsoft technical resources globally. This summit is conducted on the Microsoft Campus and has been, and will continue to be a key event in the relationship. This year was no exception. The material is largely delivered by Microsoft speakers who were educating EMC specialists not only on the latest and greatest applications and tools but also on future technologies such as Hyper-V 3.0, SQL 2012 and Systems Center 2012.

While at the Summit I talked to Adrian Simays about the launch of the EMC mSpecialist community and what it means moving into an exciting 2012. The content from the summit can be found here posted most of the content on the Everything Microsoft at EMC Community

Episode 17:

"SMB 2.2"

(Nov 28 2011)


I recently visited the Headquaters of EMCs Unified and Isilon Division. I had the opportunity to sit down with the CTO, John Hayden. I specifically wanted more information on Windows 8, EMCs involvement and what we can expect to see in the coming months. That interview is featured in this episode.

Episode 16:

"The SharePoint Conference: EMC Breakout Session #2"

(Nov 10 2011)


As part of EMCs SharePoint conference 2011 Gold Sponsor EMC hosted two Breakout Sessions. The first session covered virtualizing SharePoint and Fast Search and was reviewed in Inside The Partnership Episode #15 (


The second breakout #SPC384 was Searching Video with FAST Search for SharePoint 2010. This session hosted by EMC Consulting showcases the ability to initiate a communication from SharePoint to the transcription service whenever a user uploads a video into a customized "Video Document Set". For more details check out Sunny's Blog at

Episode 15:

"The SharePoint Conference EMC Breakout Session #1"

(Oct 31 2011)


As part of EMCs SharePoint conference 2011 Gold Sponsor EMC hosted two Breakout Sessions. The first focused on Proven Solutions for Virtualizing SharePoint and Fast Search. Eyal Sharon and James Baldwin, both friends of the show, highlighted EMCs proven program and reviewed reference architectures including Virtualizing FAST Search. (Moving from 5 physical servers to 2 virtual servers providing the same end-user performance experience). In addition James reviewed what a TB of SharePoint really means.. as you can guess, it means more than a terabyte.

Episode 14:

"The SQL PASS Summit"

(Oct 13 2011)


PASS is the Professional Association for SQL Server. This year's annual conference was hosted at the Washing State Convention & Trade Center in Seattle Washington to a record 5,108 registrations.


EMC is a Gold sponsor of the event that sponsorship included 4 demonstration areas and kiosks. Each area focused on multiple EMC/SQL Server integration points

Episode 13:

"The SharePoint Conference Keynote Special"

(Oct 3 2011)


The SharePoint Conference 2011 is in full swing, this episode of Inside the Partnership is specifically dedicated to the Keynote address. EMCs VNX5700 was front and center for the Keynote address this morning, so why was it there?


Posted less than 24 hours after the keynote this is the full Microsoft Demonstration for the "Scale Test Report for Very Large Scale Document Repositories" that can be found at Microsoft demonstrated a 200% larger content database than the current recommendations.


Additional details of the new Data Storage Change can be found on the SharePoint blog site at

Episode 12:

"RSA Data Loss Prevention"

(Sep 23 2011)


I recently visited EMCs Security Division, RSA. Like many, my primary thoughts for RSA revolve around SecurID. In this Edition of Inside The Partnership we take a closer look at the RSA Data Loss Prevention (DLP) Suite. The Suite is focused on enabling our customers to organize, discover and classify their sensitive data. I sat down with Ash Devata to review some of the details.

Episode 11:

"ITP11 News and Notes (SQL Pass & The SharePoint Conference)"

(Sep 8 2011)


News and Notes for September 2011 find us reviewing the latest Fast Track Data Warehouse Reference Whitepaper ( and getting ready for two big conferences.


EMC is a gold sponsor of two upcoming Microsoft conferences: The Microsoft SharePoint Conference (October 3-6, Anaheim, California) and SQLPass Summit (October 11-14, Seattle, Washington) That's two back-to-back busy weeks.


Episode 10:

"Top 10 Reasons to Deploy Microsoft Applications on EMC Infrastructure"

(Aug 5 2011)


It's only fitting that Episode #10 would be a Top 10. With so many areas to cover I attempted to limit the top 10 to, The Top 10 Reason why customers deploy Microsoft Applications on EMC infrastructure. It was hard to limit the list, but many more top 10s will follow.


Special thanks to Adrian Simays, George Heaslip and the Mid Atlantic South Solutions Team for help, as well as a special cameo (Excellent!)

Episode 09:

"Big Data Isilon (& New VPLEX Whitepaper)"

(Jul 25 2011)


As follow-up to Episode #8 (VPLEX and Hyper-V) we take a look at a new reference architecture from EMC Global Solutions. This architecture "Long-Distance Application Mobility Enabled by EMC VPLEX GEO" highlights a typical customer with Windows Server Hyper-V, Sharepoint and SAP You can find the whitepaper here


Once again, this edition of Inside the Partnership we go back to Microsoft Teched 2011. While at Teched, I spend some time with Ian Breitner. Ian is a Senior Technical Alliance Manager for EMC Isilon. We spend some time talking about BIG DATA and managing Big Data with Isilon. Visit for more details.

Episode 08:

"Hyper-V and VPLEX"

(Jul 3 2011)


In this edition of Inside the Partnership we go back to Microsoft Teched 2011. While at Teched, I spend some time with James Baldwin. In fact, so much time that I had to cut our topics into two video segments. This episode covers EMC VPLEX & Microsoft Hyper-V. The foundation for extending Microsoft Hyper-V clusters outside of datacenter walls.


Take a traditional microsoft cluster, and extend the single CSV (Cluster Shared Volume) across datacenters. Allowing clusters to extend beyond traditional limitations. The cluster nodes have no idea they are physically seperated, they act and provide availability as if they where in the same server rack.


A detailed whitepaper on the VPLEX family can be found here and the white paper "Microsoft Hyper-V Live Migration with EMC VPLEX GEO can be found here

Episode 07:

"SQL Server Fast Track Data Warehouse"

(Jun 20 2011)


In this edition of Inside the Partnership I take a closer look at the SQL Server Fast Track Data Warehouse Program. One of the many announcements at Microsoft Teched 2011 was the 3rd version of the SQL Fast Track Program. This program focus on Data Warehouse implementations and helping customers deploy faster. EMC has been a part of the SQL Fast Track program since day 1, and the announcement of the latest version is no exception.

EMC, jointly with Cisco, released reference architectures ( with detailed whitepapers to follow. These reference architectures include details on performance, configurations and a bill of materials for all components used. (Server/Connectivity/Storage).

SQL Fast Track is just the beginning of EMCs SQL capabilities, EMC offers a full suite of services around Data Warehousing and full Business Intelligence solutions leveraging Microsoft technologies. (

Episode 06:

"Microsoft Teched 2011 Summary"

(May 30 2011)


Once again, EMC was a platinum sponsor and extended the sponsorship to other areas as well. The EMC Platinum Pavilion featured continued Theater Presentations and subject matter experts covering a variety of topics including:


EMC's Journey to the Cloud

Capture for Microsoft SharePoint: Stop Paper from Slowing Down Your Business

Total Protection for Microsoft Enterprise Applications

Storage Optimization and Simplified Management for Microsoft Virtualization

Microsoft UAG and How it Integrates with RSA Adaptive Authentication

BIG Data -- It's on Isilon

Brocade Networks and Virtualizing Microsoft Applications

Microsoft SQL Server Fast Track Data Warehouse on Cisco Unified Computing System powered by EMC VNX

Episode 05:

"EMC World 2011 - EMC Storage Integrator"

(May 16 2011)


In this edition of Inside the Partnership I take a closer look at the EMC Storage Integrator. ESI was a small part of a press release earlier this month. (More on the rest of the press release in future episodes)


ESI is a game changer; this is a step away from storage management, and a step towards Application Provisioning. In the SharePoint demo your see how ESI reduces application administration from 7 interfaces and multiple people to a single wizard driven interface

Episode 04:

"EMC World (In conference update)"

(May 11 2011)


EMC World 2011!!! In conference update and plans for Microsoft Teched 2011


Much more to come from EMC World 2011.


Top 10 reasons to visit EMC at Microsoft Teched....

twitter @EMCMSFT

Episode 03:

"Data Protection Advisor"

(Apr 29 2011)


EMC Data Protection Advisor provides the visibility necessary for your organization to understand all of the details in managing large and complex data protection environments.


In this episode I'm joined by Brian Henderson, EMC Product Marketing Manager. We will take a closer look at DPA-Remote Protection including a drill down into SQL Database file placement and protection.


More DPA details at and

Episode 02:

"The MMS 2011(Microsoft Management Summit)"

(Apr 15 2011)


EMC was a Gold sponsor of the event, that sponsorship included a Demo theater with presentation every 15 minutes. Presentations included: PowerShell Utility for Storage Automation, SCOM Drill Down, BC/DR for Mixed Microsoft workloads, Simplified Management with Unified Storage/GUIs, Ionix Integration and EMC Consulting Offering.

Episode 01:

"The MTC (Microsoft Technology Center)"

(Apr 1 2011)


In this first edition I take a look at the Microsoft Technology center. Microsoft Technology centers provide a world class experience where customers are able to, envision, design, and plan the development and deployment of solutions that match specific application and business needs. EMCs investment as a Core Alliance Partner allows our joint customers to access the facility at no charge. Schedule you session today....