Networked Storage Designer - Unified (NSD-U)



NSD-U is a Java/SQL application specifically designed for EMC Global Services & Authorized Partners to enabled detailed configuration designs to be created, scripted and generate automated reports of those designs in MS Word or MS Excel formats. NSD-U can import various configuration files from CLARiiON, Celerra Unified Storage Arrays combined with the SANSummary for Hosts & FC Switches. NSD-U can import existing configuration data or create entirely new configuration data if required. NSD-U can import and generate reports for complex configurations in minutes from existing CLARiiON, Celerra & Unified Storage arrays.


NSD-U is intended to be used in the following situations:

  • Detailed design for CLARiiON / Unified Block Storage Arrays.
    • CLARiiON/Unified Block Import from naviseccli "ArrayConfig" xml
    • CLARiiON/Unified Block Import from Manufacturing Files
    • CLARiiON Import from CAP xml (Note: CAP has not been updated with new features from R29 onwards, users are advised to use arrayconfig)
  • Detailed design for Celerra/Unified File Storage Arrays.
    • Celerra/Unified File Import from CCC xml
  • Detailed design for FC Switches Fabrics and Interconnects.
    • Host import from SANSummary
    • FC Switch import from SANSummary


Benefits of Using the Tool

NSD-U helps improve productivity of EMC staff and improves the quality and consistency of EMC engagements and customer escalations.

  • Reduced design time
  • Reduced report generation time
  • Databases can be shared across multiple resources working on a single project
  • Consistent design reports and implementations
  • Automated scripting for Unified Block / CLARiiON and Unified File / Celerra

Tool Information

Tool InformationTool Details
Latest Version1.8.4.0
GA DateMarch 29th, 2016
User AudienceEmployee, Partner
Link to Tool

Partner License RequirementsClick Here
License ControlledYes, via Global Services Tools Licensing
TrainingEMC Education search for "Networked Storage Designer"
Practice AffinityUnified Storage
Job AffinitySolutions Architect, Implementation Specialist
SupportClick Here
Product ManagerClick Here
Additional ResourcesSQL Scripts & Documentation
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Other Information



General Information

If you need any further information on the tool, please contact the product manager directly.

This release will support upgrades from 1.7.0, 1.7.1,,,,,,,, & please refer to included external Help for more information.


New Users (or first time install)

If you are new to using & installing NSDU, or existing user reinstalling on a new image, ensure you read the presentation "READ FIRST!! - NSDU v1.8.x New Installation Overview v1.0" included in the download and also downloadable from this page below. Following these 3 simple steps will enable an easy install when following the installation instructions in the external HELP file also contained in the download. Failure to follow these 3 steps and the installation instructions will almost certainly require our support to help you fix the installation and will cost you valuable time.


New Feature Summary:


The major items included in this release:

  • Bow River Support
  • Bug Fixes

Compiled HELP now included the Release Notes & Installation Guide and is available as a standalone in the NSDU download, all users should reference the Help prior to Upgrade or New Installation.

Refer to LAVA Authentication and Licensing for help with GSSD Licensing with NSD-U v1.8.0.x


SQL Download Links are incorrect in the Help as Microsoft has changed them

Refer to SQL Express Scripted Install for NSD-U for instructions on how to install SQL Express for NSD-U and for the SQL express setup file


SSMSEE is available here



NSDU & Windows 10


NSDU is NOT officially supported on Windows 10, it has not been fully tested. Our recommendation is to use a Windows 7 Virtual machine. If for some reason a VM is not suitable, we have successfully tested an installation of NSDU, SQLExpress 2005 & Windows 10, if you choose to use NSDU with Windows 10, several users have reported it works fine. However, support is best effort only. You must still follow the instructions carefully or else the installation will fail for the same reasons it would on Windows 7 i.e. local machine account Administrator not set up correctly. If you need assistance, please contact our support or refer to the online help for GS Tools Central here (note NSDU help is still located in a standalone file within the NSDU download)