Dell EMC Workload Profile Assessment for Oracle AWR Report / StatsPack Gathering Procedures Instructions


In conjunction with the EMC Workload Profile Assessment for Oracle tool, Dell EMC is providing a document containing a set of instructions on how to gather and package a set of AWR Report or StatsPack files in a manner which is compatible with the Mitrend tool. The Word document is call OracleAWRStatpackStatisticsGatheringProcedures_10gR1OrHigher.doc and is available for download below. Please bear in mind the following guidelines (which are also in the document attached below):


  • This tool is limited to Oracle database servers running Oracle Database single-instance or RAC 10g Release 1 or higher.
  • For each production database instance we would like a set of 48 to 96 reports where each report is generated on a 30 or 60 minute snapshot or sample interval. (I.e., 48 to 96 individual files per database instance where each file contains one sample 30 or 60 minute interval report.)
  • The following AWR or Statspack reports are requested:
    • A total of 48 to 96 30 minute or 1 hour Statspack or AWR reports capturing peak activity.
    • Shorter time intervals and more reports are fine.
    • Make the best attempt to identify the peak activity periods for the reports:
      • Including prime heavy usage business hours timeframes
      • Including batch processing timeframes
  • If you are generating AWR reports, they can be generated in either TXT format or HTML.
  • If this is a RAC environment, then reports are requested for each instance in the RAC cluster.
  • Create an individual .ZIP file with the AWR/Statspack text files for each database and with RAC all instances of a database in one .ZIP file.
  • In the Word document please note the section “Oracle 10gR1 or Higher Batch AWR Generation” contains a SQL script, which can be used to ease the AWR report generation for versions 10g and higher of the database.  And the section “Oracle 10gR1 or Higher Statspack Report Batch Generation” contains a SQL script, which can be used to ease the Statspack report generation.
  • These scripts with the "how to" Word document also are bundled in the zip file below.


Caveat: This tool is presently limited to only Dell EMC employees or partners. If you are an Dell EMC customer, simply get with your Dell EMC sales rep, and he or she will work with you on getting your database assessment completed. Or you may want to consider the SDC Oracle Sizing Service, which also makes use of the miTrend tool, but involves a live Dell EMC person who can help you interpret the results.


See below for this document, which is written in Microsoft Word. We also provide an example PowerPoint presentation containing the output from this tool.