Public Centera Cluster Availability

In order to make the repairs to the Centera Clusters and also to facilitate a Data Centre move, the Centera Clusters will be taken offline today.  Note the Atmos CAS clusters will be unaffected, they can be used for functional testing (remember they are in Basic mode - no retention will be honoured on their clips)


They should be online again Mon Feb 6th at which point they will have new IP addresses.


All existing data will be erased and new profiles/pea files will be generated.


Please check back here for updates.


Cloud Infrasctructure Group.




Just to keep you updated the clusters have been repaired and moved into the new DataCenter.  We are now just waiting for our Security people to set the firewall rules so they can be accessed externally.  The Security folk in EMC Information Systems are the busiest group in IS so we'll have to wait on them but hopefully not too much longer now!


In the meantime if you don't use Advanced Retention Management and don't mind retention not being monitored and you need to test your code, use the two AtmosCAS clusters.  From the API perspective they work the same way as the Centera



Currently we have having difficulties getting the firewall rules set and it doesnt look like the clusters will be back this week.  I'll post another update on monday



Sorry for the delay in the update I was off ill last week.  The current status is that there is an issue with the firewall which our IT people are working on.  I'm travelling this week but I'll try and get an update on wednesday.  Apologies for the unanticipated delays we've been having



IT still cant clear the firewall issue and the resource has been moved onto a high priority work job that has come in.  I'm travelling the rest of the week I'll update you again on Monday.



They are back online, my apoligies for the delay!