Atmos CAS PEA Files

Atmos CAS PEA Files

Attached to this document are the PEA files for use against either of the two Atmos Clusters which have been installed in our DMZ to allow ISV's who wish to test their existing Centera integration against the Atmos CAS access method.



Three Atmos UID's have been created on each Atmos CAS systems CAS1 and CAS2 e.g. cas1user1, cas1user2, cas1user3, cas2user1, cas2user2, cas2user3.


These correspond to three seperate Centera Virtual Pools on each Atmos.  Usage of these PEA files is exactly as per a Centera PEA file.


If an ISV wishes to have their own user ID created please email me .  Please note I do not want to have to maintain many user accounts so only ISV's who rely on using query should apply, for others it should not matter that you are sharing user ID's



Each of the users has the same capabilities, Read, Delete, Write, Query, Exist and Copy.


Note: The Atmos clusters does not enforce any retention periods.  Atmos does not support Retention Classes or any Advanced Retention Management features



AtmosCAS1 has been reinstalled Sept 2014 the new PEA files are a1user1.pea a1user2.pea and a1user3.pea attached



The PEA files have been regenerated for the new system install on 16/05/2012

New PEA files for CAS2 published 28 Nov 2013 CAS1 coming after the Thanksgiving holidays