How to Login to Navisphere 6 or Unisphere domain if you forget your login or password



CLARiiON CX Series and VNX




Lost password for CX-Series, CX3 series, or AX4-5 series storage system




                  Please follow the steps given below to log in to a Navisphere 6 or Unisphere domain,you would also need a serial connection for the following procedure to work.


  1. Establish a PPP connection to one of the storage processors (SPs).
  2. Point your browser to this URL: http://
  3. Click "Create a New Account."
  4. Enter a user name and in the New Password Verification text box, type in the password again.
  5. Click "Restart Management Server."

    Note: You may need to restart Management Server on both SPs.
  6. Point your browser to this URL: http:// <IP_address_ of _SP>
  7. Log in to domain using the newly-set username and password.

    Note: You also have the option of completely resetting domain security. However, if you select this option, you will destroy ALL domain information, including domain information for the master, other arrays, and portals. If you decide to reset domain security, replace Step 3 with the following:

    Click "Reset Security" and confirm.  (You must reset security on both SPs.)

    Then perform all other steps as described.




Note: If the procedure does not work, connect to the master SP and re-run Steps 1 to 7.Also if the AX4-5 storage system is running Navisphere Express, this solution does not apply.



Please also refer to Primus article "emc55746" if you need more in-depth information on the same