Interactive Mode Instructions

  1. Download the latest version (linked below) to the server(s), and run the program as administrator
  2. Enter the number corresponding to how long you want the collection to run (ex: 1 for 24 hours)
  3. Enter the number corresponding to the sample interval you’d like (ex: 1 for the default interval)
  4. Allow the program to run for the duration (duration will be shown in the final screen)
  5. Zip the destination directory and email the resulting zip file to your EMC account team


To learn more about this program or to see how to run it in "script mode" , view the README file.



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Grep is distributed unmodified under the GNU General Public License.


Notice of Copyright

This program is the confidential unpublished intellectual property of EMC Corporation.  It includes without limitation exclusive copyright and trade secret rights of EMC throughout the world.