How to create CIFS Share on Data domain and access CIFS Share from  Windows

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Data Domain



Creating CIFS or NFS share don’t need license on DD.

After DD initial configuration , a default CIFS share “backup” was created. Any Windows client who knew the password can connect to this CIFS share.

Or we can create a new CIFS share as following steps:



   Create a CIFS Share in Data Domain system


  1. In DD Enterprise manager console , ensure your DD system is selected in left pane


2. Create a CIFS share

  1) Select “data management” -> CIFS à under “Share” tab


2) In the share tab , click “create” button which open create share window


3) in “create share” window , input “share name” and “directory path”


4) under the client section, click on the green + sign , this opens client window , under client

field , type * and click OK. This grants access to all clients.




5) Ensure the max connection is set to unlimited , allow browsing is enabled and writable is enabled , then click OK to create this CIFS share.

6) Verify the newly created share and review it’s detail

Data management à CIFS à Shares à click and select “newly created share”

Write down it’s share name.





Access a CIFS Share on Windows client

a) on Windows client , map your with \\<IP of DD>\<write down share name> as T drive,

in access using username , input username “sysadmin” and password. Then Click OK.

b) copy files to this CIFS share


c) On DD , verify if the data de-duplication had been taken effect.

  1. In “Data management” à “file system”

  check information about “pre-compression” , “post-compression” and “total-comp factor”