BCA2320  VMware vSphere 5: Best Practices for Oracle RAC Virtualization  (Twitter hashtag: #BCA2320)


Oracle RAC 11g is the dominant clustered database management software in the industry. VMware vSphere™ is the dominant virtualization platform for mission-critical server environments. The combining of these two technologies provides compelling advantages for the business. Using vSphere for virtualizing Oracle RAC servers is rapidly becoming mainstream and widely deployed. This session will provide an overview of the proven and tested best practices for virtualizing Oracle RAC 11g on vSphere 5. Discussion will include:

  • Performance and security enhancements to the second-generation virtualization assistance provided in the recent CPUs as applied to a RAC clustered context
  • The combination of VMware HA and DRS clustering with Oracle RAC/CRS clustering.
  • The use of mixed physical/virtual RAC clusters. The new features of vSphere 5 will be covered to the extent that they are relevant to Oracle RAC virtualization.


  • Jeff Browning, EMC Corporation
  • Sam Lucido, EMC Corporation



  • Wed 9:30 a.m.


  • Wed 10:30 a.m.