Services Partner Community Best Practices

Value Proposition


The goal with the Services Partner Community is to use social media to streamline access, increase engagement, and strengthen relationships with EMC employees and partners. Using all the tools that are provided, each individual has the opportunity to use this new form of communication to derive valuable business solutions. The more user invovlement with the Services Partner Community, the more thorough these business solutions will be.


Click here for an overview of the Services Partner Community.


Do's & Don'ts



Create Useful Content

Create irrelevant or offensive content
Engage in conversationsStart an argument
Discuss business solutionsDivulge confidential information
Upload a profile photo and avatar

Disguise your affiliation with EMC for any reason                      

Properly cite work that you post from someone else
Apply policies and procedures from the workplace to the online community as well


Content Creation


In the Services Partner Community you can create content in many different forms. For a step-by-step tutorial on how to create your own content, click this video and you can review it at your own pace by pausing, rewinding, and re-playing. You may also use the video as a guide as you populate content simultaneously.