Getting Started with the Everything Oracle at EMC (EO@EMC) Community

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Who We Are:

  • We enable an active and collaborative social environment that encourages risk-taking, and welcomes your candid opinions.
  • We provide an opportunity to join a social community that focuses on Oracle and EMC's collaboration and competition.
  • We will give direct access into best practices, enhance your professional knowledge, and give you real-time connections to your industry peers and subject matter experts.


How to participate in this Community:

As a view only participant you can view any content, but you cannot create content or participate in discussions. However you can view an content that you like.


How to join the Community:

To be an Active Participant follow the below instructions:


  1. Go to the EMC Community Network Register page.
  2. Complete your registration.
  3. Once your registration is complete fill out your community profile. This will help other users find you more easily.
  4. Visit the EMC Community Network Getting Started page.
  5. Introduce yourself! Start an ice breaker discussion. Or create whatever content suits you.